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The Primary Reason KinKi Kids Received Johnny Kitagawa’s Favor

Akio Nakamori's Theory of Johnny's of Desire Chapter 3: The Last Fortress called KinKi Kids (2)

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In the previous article, “[The Last Bastion of Johnny’s Empire] The Unknown “Third Member” Who Continued to Support KinKi Kids,” we discussed how the spirit of the late Mr. Kitagawa Johnny’s has been passed on to the KinKi Kids.

The Legend of “The Man Who Created The Beatles

The Beatles during their visit to Japan in 1966

I was interviewing a female idol. The manager who attended the interview was strangely handsome. I asked him about it, and he told me that he was from Johnny’s Junior.

We got to talking.

He told me something unexpected.

He said, “Mr. Janney respected Brian Epstein a lot.

What? I thought.

Brian Epstein – yes, the Beatles’ manager.

Janie Kitagawa, influenced by Brian Epstein, had read his autobiography and studied it, and spoke enthusiastically about his charms as a manager.

Brian Epstein has a detailed biography.

I will never forget the shock I felt when I read the thick 680-page book, “The Man Who Created The Beatles” (Shincho Bunko).

I will never forget the shock I felt when I read the 680-page book, “The Man Who Created The Beatles!

Brian was the son of a furniture dealer in Liverpool, England. He took over the family business and started selling records in his store.

One day, a customer asked him, “Do you have any Beatles records?” He asked, “Do you have any Beatles records? The Beatles? He went to see them at a live music club (Cavern Club) on the outskirts of town. There, he was exposed to their performance and was so impressed that he offered to be their manager.

At that time, the Beatles were an indie band. They were a group of delinquents who wore regents and leather jackets, drank alcohol, and shouted.

Liverpool is a port city on the other side of England, far from London. From there, Brian flew to the capital city, visited several record companies, and made a furious sales pitch.

Finally, he made his major label debut. Finally, they became a global rock group that revolutionized 20th century music and culture.

But what made Brian do what he did?

The biographical book mentioned above and various Beatles-related books reveal some unexpected facts.
Brian Epstein was a homosexual. He was drafted and joined the Army, but was also fired from the Army because of it.

After seeing the Beatles live, to his surprise, Brian fell in love at first sight with John Lennon!

The Identity of the “Phantom Member”

Tsuyoshi Domoto (left) and Koichi Domoto on their first visit to the temple.

Indeed, the hidden passion of love was the source of the power to manage a small-town delinquent group and transform it into a major band.

Brian had sexual desires for John. The two later shared a four-day trip to Spain. At that time, they were rumored to have had sexual relations.

John Lennon denies this, but there is a persistent theory that they had some degree of relationship. In recent years, Yoko Ono has confessed that John was bisexual and had sexual interest in men.

Janie Kitagawa respected Brian Epstein. This is important.

Brian forced four bad bands in a port town to take off their leather jackets and wear suits and ties. He said it was to sell them to record companies, but was it?

A man who is said to have fallen in love with John Lennon and eventually sought (and ended up with?) a sexual relationship with him. It is also said that he was a man who was in love with John Lennon and eventually sought a sexual relationship with him. In other words, Brian was trying to dye the young boys to his “taste,” wasn’t he?

His management skills seem to be straight connected to the production skills of Janie Kitagawa.

If Brian had not discovered and managed them, surely the Beatles would not have broken through. They would have ended up as a bad band from the port city.

Instead, they became the greatest idol group of the 20th century, transforming the world. The secret, at its core, was actually the power of a man’s “love” for a man.

The same goes for Janie Kitagawa. Of course, sexual assault is absolutely unforgivable. Nevertheless, he may have built his great Johnny’s empire with the same power that made the Beatles international stars.

In August 1967, Brian Epstein died suddenly at the age of 32. The cause of death was an overdose of aspirin.

The four Beatles were shocked and subsequently fell apart. After falling out, they ended up breaking up three years later.

Now, let me inform you of Brian Epstein’s nickname.

Yes, he is the “fifth Beatle.

I wrote that KinKi Kids was actually a three-member group. The “third KinKi Kids” is actually Janie Kitagawa. Just like the Beatles’ manager whom he respected.

No, he was the “fifth Four Leaves,” the “fourth Shonen-tai,” the “eighth Hikaru Genji,” and the “sixth Arashi. He was another phantom member, invisible to our eyes.

What “Johnny’s” and “The Beatles” Have in Common

Four years after the death of Johnny’s, Johnny Kitagawa’s office ceased to exist.

They were all reasonably attractive boys. But something was missing. They could never shine as idols on their own.

For boiling water at 100°C to dissipate as steam, it requires vaporization heat. The same would be true for a celebrity’s break. And so that heat of vaporization is the power of “love.

Three years after Brian Epstein died, the Beatles broke up.

Four years after the death of Janie Kitagawa, Johnny’s disappeared.

This is too suggestive.

Johnny’s collapsed because of the wild accusations of sexual assault made by Johnny Kitagawa. But that is not the only reason.

When Johnny’s died, the very foundation of the Johnny’s office was lost, was it not?

It seems as if Johnny’s was already destined for extinction.

SMAP, Shonen-tai, Tackey & Tsubasa, and V6 broke up.

Two members of TOKIO have left the company and are leaving the company.

Arashi, which has been inactive, recently established its own company.

Thus, only KinKi Kids remained.

As a two-member group, they received the most “love” in terms of quantity (from the phantom members). Yes, they were the last group to inherit the “spirit” of Janie Kitagawa.

The KinKi Kids are now at a crossroads.

In the next article, “[Chosen Children of God] The necessity for the two members of KinKi Kids to remain idols and their “extreme appearances” “, we will discuss the overly suggestive drama works in which they used to appear.

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