Yokozuna Terunofuji Claims First Victory, Daieisho Faces Tall Challenge Ahead | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yokozuna Terunofuji Claims First Victory, Daieisho Faces Tall Challenge Ahead

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Onosato Finally Defeats Yokozuna Terunofuji on First Day of Summer Tournament

The Summer Grand Sumo Tournament began on May 12. Although the spring tournament was enlivened by the victory of Takanofuji (25), the first new tournament winner in 110 years, Takanofuji was absent from the tournament due to an injury on the 14th day. Asanoyama (30), a former ozeki and a komusubi who returned to the san’yaku rank after a three-year absence, also missed the first day of the tournament after damaging the medial collateral ligament of his right knee during the spring tour.

Among the one-loss riders, the new kobozuna Ohnosato (23), who has already defeated one yokozuna and one ozeki, was promoted to san’yaku after only six days since his debut. Based on the results of the first half of the season, he will be looking to rivals for the championship in the Summer Tournament.

The second-fastest promotion to san’yaku in history since the Showa era (1926-1989)

Onosato won 11 matches in his first tournament as a new entrant, and 11 more in the spring tournament, and was promoted to nishikoyoshi in the summer tournament. He was promoted to the second fastest rank of san’yaku since the Showa period (1926-1989), following the 31st rank of former Itinojo, who became a new san’yaku after only five days. If Onosato wins the Summer Tournament, he will break the record for the fastest win since his debut.

On the first day of the summer tournament, Onosato faced Yokozuna Terunofuji (32). Although he lost to Terunofuji in the first tournament with a uke-nage (upper arm throw), Onosato was a newly-arrived wrestler at the time. He did not get enough practice before the summer tournament, so he is not in perfect condition. On the first day of the tournament, all eyes were on Onosato, who beat Terunofuji with a sukui-nage (scoop throw) to give the yokozuna the win. Terunofuji was absent from the next day. On the fifth day, Onosato also defeated Ozeki Kirishima.

Will Toyoshoryu and Kotonowaka, the two newest ozeki, be a wall for him?

At the May 2 practice session of the Yokozuna Judging Committee, Ohnosato showed a steady improvement with three wins and three losses against ozeki, including two wins over Kirishima (28), despite a late April stern warning from the Japan Sumo Association for drinking with an underage wrestler from his stable last September and a bullying report in the weekly “Shincho, However, it did not seem to affect him mentally.

Toyoshoryu over Hiratoumi on the fourth day.

Who will be the wall for Oonosato? Toyoshoryu and Koto-zakura, who changed his yomata name from Kotonowaka to Koto-zakura starting from the summer tournament, showed stability in their practice sessions. Both of these riders have beaten Onosato in two consecutive tournaments.

Toyoshoryu won both of his two bouts with a shimote-nage (underhand throw) after being stopped by Onosato. Toyoshoryu is determined not to lose to a rikishi ranked below him in the rankings. Koto-zakura showed his dignity in the first tournament, when he defeated him by a yosekiri and in the spring tournament, when he defeated him with a kote-nage. Koto-ozakura must be eager to achieve his long-cherished dream of winning the tournament for the first time. In order to win the championship, the match against Onosato is the one match she cannot afford to lose.

On the 6th day of the tournament, Ohnosato was set to face Koto-zakura. He is also expected to face Toyoshoryu in the first half of the tournament. If he can knock them off, he could have another record-breaking win in the summer tournament. We will keep an eye on Oh-no-sato’s battle.

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