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Why Princess Aiko’s “Coming-of-Age Event” was met with heartfelt congratulations

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Princess Aiko turns 20 (AFLO)

On December 1, Aiko, the eldest daughter of Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress, turned 20 years old. After attending a coming-of-age event at the Imperial Palace, she also made her “coming-of-age debut” in front of the press.

It is said that their Majesties’ officials were quite nervous about Aiko’s “coming-of-age debut” due to the series of marriage problems involving Mako Komuro.

It seems that the people around Their Majesties understood that the Komuro affair had affected the dignity of the Imperial Family and the trust in the Imperial Family. That’s why I’m relieved that the event and the handling of the press afterwards went off without a hitch. It is also recognized that the reaction of the world to the ‘impressions’ released this time was also very positive,” said an Imperial Household journalist.

The concern of the people around her was that she would stand out too much.

For example, Kako showed off her ‘beautiful abdominal muscles’ at a dance, and her ‘show bra’ became a hot topic. There were people who said that she brought a new atmosphere into the Imperial Family by appealing to her own personality, but in the end, I don’t think the way she presented herself bore any fruit. In this respect, Princess Aiko’s policy of prioritizing her schoolwork is a firm one.

On the other hand, her mother, Masako, celebrated her 58th birthday on December 8. Her mother, Masako, who celebrated her 58th birthday on December 8, has been suffering from adjustment disorder for a long time, and the Imperial Household Agency doctors who have been treating her said that she is still in the process of recovering from her condition, and that her physical condition has been fluctuating. The doctors at the Imperial Household Agency, who are treating him, said that he is still in the process of recovering from the disease and that his health condition has been fluctuating, so he may feel tired for a while after a big event or a series of events.

A source at the Imperial Household Agency who is familiar with the situation said.

I’ve heard that her condition had stabilized before her accession to the throne, and that it has continued. I think it means that Masako, who had been occupied with her own affairs, is now able to afford to pay attention to various matters.

Masako was very strict with herself and had a strong belief that she had to be perfect when she appeared in public. During her tenure as Crown Princess, she repeatedly cancelled appointments or made unannounced “last-minute” appearances because she could not determine whether or not she was ready for public appearances until the last minute. That’s how hard he was pushing himself, but I feel that he is much better now than he was then.

The aforementioned doctors also commented that it is important for her to continue her treatment with the understanding and support of the people around her, so please continue to watch over her warmly.

I get the impression that His Majesty, as well as Masako, takes good care of his aides. I get the impression that His Majesty, as well as Masako, takes good care of his entourage, not only the chief attendant and deputy chief attendant, but also the staff members who do not appear on the surface. She is also highly trusted by those people. There is no doubt that one of the reasons for Masako’s recovery to this level is their meticulous support,” said an official of the Imperial Household Agency.

On the other hand, there are voices like this.

On the other hand, there are some people who say, “Is there a ‘true aide’ in the Akishino family? It’s often said, ‘Does the Akishino family have a ‘true aide’? For example, it is said that when lectures are given to Prince Akishino, his attitude toward those who explain things to him is often harsh.

His debut as an adult and his birthday were celebrated by the people, and his marriage did not lead to an environment that was celebrated by the people. It seems that the Emperor’s family and the Akishino family spent extremely contrasting times.

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