Misato Morita Shines in “Tora ni Tsubasa!” Exclusive Interview on City Hunter and His Captivating Style | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Misato Morita Shines in “Tora ni Tsubasa!” Exclusive Interview on City Hunter and His Captivating Style

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Nozomi Morita smiles in an interview with this magazine (October 4, ’19 issue)

Actor Nozomi Morita (27) is in his element.

In the NHK television series “Tora ni Tsubasa,” he plays the role of Hanae, Torako’s best friend, who has a soft-spoken, fluffy air about her, while Sairi Ito (30) plays the heroine, Torako Inozume, who is always full of energy and speaks clearly and clearly.

Hanae plays a typical Showa-era housewife, while Torako has an innovative view that advocates gender equality in an era when it is common for women to stay at home and support their husbands,” said the actress. In this role, she delicately portrays the strong side of women and their secret sorrows, and the number of women who sympathize with her has increased rapidly. Her performance is also receiving rave reviews.

Another film is the Netflix movie “City Hunter,” which began distribution on April 25. Morita plays the boyish heroine Kaoru Makimura, who buddies up with the cool, top-notch sweeper but womanizing, slightly silly hero, Akira Saeba (Ryohei Suzuki, 41).

When Morita decided to play the role of Kaoru, he read the original manga and watched all the episodes of the TV anime, and I heard that he was completely in love with Kaoru Saeba. She also cut her hair to make it look more like the character, and while being conscious of her voice in the anime, she tried to make it express her own personality.

What made her name famous was her role as porn star Kuroki Kaoru in the Netflix drama “Naked Director,” which was released in 2007. She is a legendary actress of the Showa period who surprised people at the time by growing armpit hair and challenging herself to “fuck shots,” despite being a well-educated, ladylike beauty. Morita herself was a perfect copy of her, from her visual appearance to the way she spoke. Her performance quickly became the talk of the town.

A month after the distribution, “FRIDAY” conducted an exclusive interview with Morita, who was in the middle of the controversy. Here is part of the interview.

How to charm” she learned by going to see a strip show.

During the audition, I was so moved by the other candidates’ performances that I cried. I was so moved by the performances of the other candidates that I cried during the audition, and it seemed to have made an impression on the directors, including the general director Masaharu Take. I heard that auditions had been held several times before I joined, but it was difficult to find the right actress, and there was even talk of offering the role of the heroine instead of selecting her by audition. Under such circumstances, I was incredibly happy that the directors chose me in the end.

Morita, who is only 23 years old, spoke in a quiet tone as she pondered our questions and chose her words carefully. His appearance already exuded the aura of an “acting actor.

When I was told about the audition, I said, “I’ll take it,” without hesitation. I wanted to be a part of this drama directed by director Takeshi, whom I have admired for a long time, so I was determined to be a part of it.

Morita said that one of her goals was to appear in a film directed by Takeshi, including participating in workshops hosted by the director. And as for Kuroki, who played the role,

I looked into Kuroki-san in detail on the way home when I answered, ‘I accept,’ and was surprised at how strong his personality was (laughs).”

The adult film industry, in which Kuroki has lived, was an unknown world to Morita. So she went to see a strip show and learned how to “charm” people.

At first, I had a kind of prejudice against women in strip shows, wondering why they were doing this work. But as I watched these women earnestly pursue their dancing and enlivening skills, I began to think, ‘It’s no different from acting or any other job.

My view of Ms. Kuroki also changed as I worked on the role. My idea of Ms. Kuroki is “a pure woman who wants to be loved by others. She grew up with a strict mother who suppressed her true feelings. Therefore, I think that somewhere in her mind, she wanted people to ‘see her true self. I think she wanted to say, ‘I want you to love me like that,’ by daring to be natural in her hairy armpits.

Since “The Naked Director” was simultaneously distributed to more than 100 million people worldwide, the amount of money that poured into the film was extraordinary. While the average production cost of a Japanese TV drama is about 20 million yen per episode, this film is said to have cost about 100 million yen.

What surprised me was the lavishness and precision of the set. Even the contents of the shelves were recreated. Not only the buildings such as Sapphire Image (the AV production company to which Kuroki belongs in the film), but the entire town was built as a set. Therefore, it is possible to film the city from indoors through the windows, which broadens the range of expression.

As an actor, I am never pulled back to reality when I leave the indoor set, so I can always stay in the role. Perhaps because of my realistic acting, I have more overseas fans, and I have received messages of support on SNS in English, French, Chinese, and many other languages.

What was Morita’s dream back then?

Morita’s dream at the time was to walk on the red carpet at a film festival.

Just one month later, “The Naked Director” won the “Asian Content Award” for Asian TV dramas at the 24th Pusan International Film Festival. It was his first red carpet appearance.

Morita’s evolution never stops. I wonder what kind of acting he will show us in the future in “Wings to the Tiger.” …… I can’t help but look forward to it.

Misato Morita ’96 born. Height 163 cm.’ She started her career as an actress in 2011.
Her role in “The Naked Director” was decided when she was still a university student.
Why did actress Nozomi Morita play an adult film actress in the drama “The Naked Director”?
Special interview with actress Mochitomo Morita on why she played an AV actress in the drama “The Naked Director
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