Pianist Shinya Kiyotsuka’s Date: Azabu-Dai Hills to Ginza Hostess’s Apartment | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Pianist Shinya Kiyotsuka’s Date: Azabu-Dai Hills to Ginza Hostess’s Apartment

A shocking scoop! The "nobleman of the classical music world," a well-known figure in variety shows, is suspected of "adultery!

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A scene from Kiyotsuka and Ako’s Azabudai Hills date. Although he is wearing a mask, there is no sign of disguise.

On a drizzly early May evening, a man dressed all in black emerges from an apartment in a prime Tokyo location. Holding an umbrella in his right hand, he escorts a woman beside him out of the rain. They got into a cab that was waiting for them near the entrance and headed for a new landmark in Tokyo, a five-minute drive away – a new landmark in Tokyo.

On that day, enjoying a date with a beautiful, stylish woman was pianist Nobuya Kiyotsuka (41).

Kiyotsuka, who has been trained as a gifted pianist since the age of five, won first prize at the “First International Chopin Piano Competition in Asia” in 2000. He studied at the Moscow Conservatory, one of the world’s three major music conservatories, and has since won numerous awards in domestic and international competitions.’ In ’19, he became the first Japanese male pianist to perform at the Nippon Budokan. In addition to music, he made his acting debut in the movie “Sayonara Debussy” in ’13, and has been active in a variety of other roles, such as in “Sake no Tsumami ni naru Hanashi” and “Wide Na Show” (both on Fuji Television), where he enlivens the programs with his comedian-like talk. Combined with her sweet mask, she is also called the “noblewoman of the classical music world.

In his private life, he married actress Eri Otoguro (41) in 2012. They have two daughters.

He is suspected of having an affair with a woman other than his wife. Who is this other woman? A music industry insider who knows Kiyotsuka lurks in the background.

She used to work as a hostess at a high-class club in Ginza. We hear that she and Kiyotsuka have been close since around January of this year. Kiyotsuka often goes to the apartment where Ako lives, and sometimes accompanies her when he has concerts in the provinces.

Let us return to the scene at the beginning of this article, where Kiyotsuka and his friends came out of Ako’s apartment together and headed for “Azabudai Hills Tower Plaza”. It is a new celebrity spot in Tokyo with high-brand stores and high-end restaurants.

They got off the cab at the porte-cochere and headed for the café on the fourth floor, glancing around the apparel stores. They spent a little less than an hour there, perhaps having a long conversation. After enjoying their date at Azabudai Hills for a total of about an hour and a half, they took a cab back to the apartment where Ako lives.

What does the world-renowned pianist have to say about this intimate date and about his own alleged infidelity? Kiyotsuka himself later responded to FRIDAY’s interview.

-Are you having an affair with Ako?

No, I am not. I am not having an affair with her.

Kiyotsuka clearly denied having an affair with Ms. A. The May 31 issue of FRIDAY, on sale May 17, reports in detail on Kiyotsuka’s relationship with Ms. A and the day of their date at Azabudai Hills. The paid version of “FRIDAY GOLD” carries a two-shot photo of Kiyotsuka and Ako.

For more details and multiple photos, click here↓.

The two were walking at a subtle distance from each other in the crowded Hills. Was it facial recognition that made them wary, or was it ……
In ’23, they participated in an event celebrating the 10th anniversary of the opening of the commercial facility “KITTE. They wrote and performed a commemorative song, which excited the audience.
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