More than 100 people in the U.S. have been affected by tornadoes… Japan is no stranger to the horror of tornadoes. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

More than 100 people in the U.S. have been affected by tornadoes… Japan is no stranger to the horror of tornadoes.

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The fury of the supercell changed the cityscape of the central United States in an instant…

Destroyed homes, buildings and factories …….

More than 50 giant tornadoes ripped through the Midwest on December 10-11, laying waste to nearly 400 kilometers (the equivalent of the straight line between Tokyo and Osaka). They knocked down people and houses and raged in at least five states, including Kentucky. The number of dead and missing is said to be over 100.

In the United States, tornadoes usually occur in the spring. In the U.S., tornadoes usually strike in the spring, but in the affected areas, the weather was as warm as April even though it was December. Cold air from the north collided with the tornadoes, creating a giant cumulonimbus cloud called a supercell. President Biden said, ‘This is probably one of the biggest tornadoes in history.

The catastrophe that occurred in the U.S. is no stranger to us. In fact, Japan is also a major tornado country. I would like to introduce the unknown reality.

It was around 3:30 a.m. My daughter, who was asleep in her room on the second floor, received a text message warning her to evacuate, and she came downstairs. Right after that, I heard a dull thud, and then a horrible cracking sound. Suddenly, a steel pillar came crashing down right above the living room. The ceiling collapsed and my daughter’s room was completely destroyed. If the pillar had fallen a little earlier, I wonder what would have happened to my daughter. ……”

33 tornadoes in 13 years

A woman living in Mobara City, Chiba Prefecture, recalled the horror of Typhoon No. 15 in September 2007 in an interview with this magazine. The instantaneous wind speed was 57.5 meters, the fastest in recorded history, and there were reports of a tornado. Mr. Hideki Shimamura, a professor at Musashino University, who is an expert on disasters, said, “Tornadoes are never seen in the United States or other countries.

A tornado is not a disaster that occurs in the United States or other vast foreign countries. Tornadoes are caused by the collision of warm and cold air, and the number of tornadoes in Japan has been increasing due to global warming in recent years.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, an average of nearly 20 tornadoes occurred in Japan in the 10 years from 2011 to last year, with 33 occurring in 2013. In December 2005, a tornado caused a train derailment in Shonai-machi, Yamagata Prefecture, killing and injuring 38 people on the JR Hanetsu Line, and in September 2006, the JR Nippo Line overturned in Nobeoka City, Miyazaki Prefecture, killing three people and seriously injuring more than 140 others.

It is not only trains that cause major accidents; in November 2006, a tornado in Saroma, Hokkaido, hit an office at a tunnel construction site. The building was blown 80 meters away, and nine construction workers lost their lives. Mr. Shimamura of the previous article continues.

The detailed cause of tornadoes is still unclear. It is said that huge cumulonimbus clouds are a factor, but not much research has been done. It is impossible to predict when and where they will occur. However, just before an event occurs, there is a kind of sign. For example, the sky suddenly darkens or a sudden bolt of lightning strikes. The most frequent occurrence is probably in September, the typhoon season.

According to Professor Shimamura, it is important to evacuate to a sturdy building if you encounter a tornado.

According to Shimamura, it is important to evacuate to a sturdy building when a tornado strikes. There are cases where the entire building could be destroyed by strong winds. Do not stay outdoors. Not only will you be blown away, but you will also be in danger of being killed by flying objects such as glass and roofs.

A tornado is not a fire on the other side of the river. It is important to have a safe place at home or work, such as a basement, to avoid panic after a tornado occurs.

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