Woman Assaulted During Cosmetic Surgery Procedure in Yokohama Recounts “Groping and Forced Oral Sex” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Woman Assaulted During Cosmetic Surgery Procedure in Yokohama Recounts “Groping and Forced Oral Sex”

Shock and horror of being attacked by a male nurse caused PTSD--she was deeply disappointed in the clinic.

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The building that houses the clinic where the incident took place. It is a major clinic in the industry with 213 clinics in Japan and abroad.

I had been going to that clinic about once a month for about two years before the incident, and I liked it and trusted it, but I never thought I would be humiliated like that. ……

On April 17, Jugo Tanaka, 30, a nurse who worked at the Yokohama clinic of the SBC Shonan Cosmetic Clinic, was arrested by the Kanagawa Prefectural Police Kanagawa Station. The suspect was charged with forced sexual intercourse. Ms. A, a victim (36, restaurant worker) who was attacked by Tanaka in a private room during a procedure, recalls the horror and humiliation of the incident.

The incident took place last June. While I was undergoing skin treatments such as haif and polka-dot lifting, he suddenly pulled down the zipper of my sweatshirt and squeezed my breasts. I resisted, saying, ‘Stop,’ and ‘I really can’t,’ but he held my mouth shut. I resisted, but he held my mouth and said, “Shush! He seemed to get aroused by my resistance and started sucking my breasts. He then pressed his male genitalia against me and put it in my mouth. ……I was too terrified and shocked to even raise my voice.”

The day of the incident was the second time Tanaka was in charge of Ms. A’s treatment.

The first time was last January. The nurse in charge is assigned at random each time, and that was the first time a male nurse performed the procedure. I was lying on my back with my eyes closed while they treated my skin, and even though he was a nurse, I felt a little uncomfortable being alone with a man in a private room. But I couldn’t cancel the treatment, so I went on with it.

After it was over, the suspect Tanaka asked me, ‘If I ask you for a line, will you tell me?’ I was told. I had never exchanged personal contact information with a nurse before, and I was taken aback by the flirtation of a pick-up artist. But I didn’t want to create a strange atmosphere at the clinic I was used to going to, so I had no choice but to exchange. He immediately asked me to meet him that night, and after that, I received persistent lines from him saying things like, “I don’t care how old you are,” “I like you A,” and “Don’t treat me like a child. I didn’t want to make things awkward when I hit him again with the treatment, so I just let it slide so as not to hurt him.”

Mr. A says, “There is another reason why I could not reject Tanaka’s ″abnormal behavior″.

Tanaka told me, ‘I have been stalked before and taken to the police. I am a single mother and have a child. If you look at my medical records, you can see my address. I was afraid that if I turned him down and upset him, he would harm me or my child. So we had dinner once in March at an izakaya (Japanese-style pub). At that time, he persistently invited me to a hotel, and of course I refused. Finally, I began to think, ‘This person is dangerous,’ and I blocked the suspect Tanaka’s LINE that day. That day when I was attacked, all I could think about was whether or not I would get stabbed if I resisted, or whether or not my children would be harmed because of the resentment.

For about two months after the incident, Ms. A was unable to talk to the police for fear of recrimination from Tanaka.

She blocked the line, but as she continued to go to the clinic, fearing that something might be done to her if she suddenly stopped going, she heard from the female nurse who took charge of her that the Tanaka suspect was retiring. This was in late August of last year. I thought it was now or never, so I talked to the female nurse, and with tears in my eyes, she said, ‘Can I report this story to my superiors? That finally made me make up my mind to fight. That same day, I went to the Kanagawa police station and filed a damage report.

However, Shonan Aesthetic Clinic’s response was far from the “first-customer, second-benefit” policy that the company claims on its website.

I thought there was a problem with the clinic’s management system, which allowed male nurses and female patients to share the same room, so last September I sent a content-certified letter to the clinic through my lawyer, demanding compensation for damages. However, the clinic, through its lawyer, refused, saying, “It is difficult to determine the facts” and “It is also difficult to determine whether or not we are legally liable to Mr. A.,” citing the fact that I had dinner with the suspect and that I continued to go to the clinic after the incident. He also asked, ‘Why are you suing us and not Tanaka?

To me, it sounded as if he was saying, ‘You are lying for money anyway,’ or ‘We have nothing to do with it. I may have been at fault for not saying no clearly enough, but I was deeply disappointed that the clinic was not there for me, the victim. I plan to file a civil suit against the clinic.”

Tanaka denied the charges to the investigators, saying, “I had consent.

What does he think about the fact that a patient was attacked during a procedure, and why did he not listen to Ms. A’s complaint? We asked the Shonan Aesthetic Clinic, but did not receive an answer by the deadline.

Will there ever be a time when Ms. A’s emotional wounds will heal?

The arrested suspect, Tanaka (from his social networking site), sometimes checked Ms. A’s visit history and contacted her, saying, “You were here today, weren’t you?
Ms. A confesses to the victim. After the incident, she was unable to go to work, was diagnosed with PTSD, and was taking sleeping aids.
From the SBC Shonan Clinic website
Ms. A confessing her victimization

From the May 10 and 17, 2024 issue of FRIDAY

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