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Suspect Wakui Allegedly Committed “6 Stalking Incidents” in “Shinjuku Tower Mansion Murder” Case

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The suspect Wakui poses astride his motorcycle. It is believed that he also sold his car to give it to Ms. Hirasawa (from his SNS).

Toshino Hirasawa, 25, was stabbed in the neck and killed in front of a tower apartment in Shinjuku City. The suspect, Manabu Wakui, 51, who was arrested, admitted most of the charges and said that he gave money to Ms. Hirasawa on the assumption that they would get married.

The fact that there were dozens of stab wounds and that one of the two fruit knives he had prepared was used with such force that it snapped off suggests a strong intent to kill. The two are believed to have met about five to six years ago.’ When Hirasawa-san opened a girls’ bar and cabaret club in the Ueno area in the winter of 2009, Wakui-san gave up his beloved car and motorcycle and gave him 10 million yen. He also owed 7 million yen in consumer loans, which he is believed to have borrowed to give to Hirasawa-san.

Around the fall of 2009, Wakui told those around him that he was planning to marry Hirasawa. When Ms. Hirasawa opened a cabaret club in December of the same year, he sent her flowers in celebration.

However, a big gap subsequently developed between the two. The suspect Wakui gradually began to blurt out, “I gave him money and he got cold feet.” In March 2010, he got into trouble with the store and was banned. In May of the same year, he received a written warning under the Stalking Regulation Law for ambushing Hirasawa in front of his home and was arrested.

In July 2011, the police terminated their response based on discussions with Ms. Hirasawa, claiming that the stalking behavior had ceased after that. The suspect Wakui stated to the interrogator that he did it to ‘get his money back’ for stalking her. On the other hand, when Ms. Hirasawa had discussed the stalking behavior with him in the past, he explained that he ‘received the money as an advance payment for the store’s fee. It is said that there was no relationship between the two, and the Metropolitan Police Department believes that Wakui’s one-sided love for the suspect led him to commit the crime.

Reactions on the Internet were mixed. Some have voiced sympathetic opinions, saying, “The suspect (Wakui) may have been a victim of marriage fraud.

However, it cannot be said that Wakui became a stalker and committed the crime because he was “cheated. There is a “certain event” that occurred during the “blank year.

Mr. Hirasawa passed away. She originally worked as a cast member at a club in Ginza, etc.

The suspect Wakui is believed not to have stalked Ms. Hirasawa from ’23 to this year, since the prohibition order based on the Stalker Regulation Law was issued. However, it was learned that during the intervening period of less than a year, he had stalked another woman, and that the victim had consulted the police.

Between ’23 and ’24, the police received at least six cases of consultations concerning the stalking behavior of the suspect Wakui. There were several victims, who were different women from Ms. Hirasawa. It seems that it was not about stalking or ambushing them, but rather annoying behavior such as sending letters repeatedly. In one case, the same woman visited the police twice to ask for advice, perhaps because of the persistent approach.

Wakui’s stalking behavior was not limited to Ms. Hirasawa. Why did he not stop even when the victim was so cornered that she consulted the police? An acquaintance of the suspect told us, “He divorced about five years ago.

He divorced about five years ago, and it was after that that he met Ms. Hirasawa. She must have filled his loneliness. Now that she betrayed him as well, he may have tried to fill his loneliness with another woman.

There is no doubt that there are still many uncertainties in this case. However, there is no doubt that this case is different from the current public image of “a pure middle-aged man who lost everything because he was tricked by a beautiful woman who was skilled at her tricks.

Suspect Wakui to be sent to prosecution
He broadly admits to the charges.
He says he had promised to marry Ms. Hirasawa.
Wakui said he usually worked as a food delivery person. He says he loved cars and motorcycles more than anything else (from his SNS).
Wakui on another motorcycle. This motorcycle was sold in the winter of 2009 when Hirasawa-san opened his restaurant (from his SNS).
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