Yukina Kinoshita’s “If you make a mistake, you can learn from your mistakes” comment has fans in an uproar! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yukina Kinoshita’s “If you make a mistake, you can learn from your mistakes” comment has fans in an uproar!

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I’m going to go full throttle little by little…!

I’m going to die. Please don’t stop me. I’m sorry.”

Late at night on December 10th, in a room, a man in white got down on his knees to Yukina Kinoshita. Next to her, Kinoshita asked, “Who are you? What’s the matter?” She laughed loudly while turning her voice inside out. What the hell happened?

On the 11th, Kinoshita posted a video on her YouTube account with the title “Due to various reasons, today’s live broadcast will be canceled.

Actually, Kinoshita was planning to broadcast live on YouTube that day. In advance, she posted a series of messages on her Instagram account using the Stories function, saying, “I’m going to do a live broadcast. I’ll be updating YouTube soon. The fans must have been expecting a lot from the live broadcast.

But …….

I’ve been preparing here to support Yukina’s live streaming on YouTube, but live streaming on YouTube has to go through a screening process. Everyone knows this and I knew it too. I forgot to prepare for it. I’m sorry.

It seems that the live transmission could not be done due to a mistake made by the man who was supposed to be the assistant, and Kinoshita and the man delivered a video apologizing for the mistake. After the man, Kinoshita also said, “I’m sorry for those who were looking forward to today’s live broadcast. Yukina also apologizes.

On the other hand, Kinoshita followed the man as best she could.

I can’t help it. If you work hard, you’ll make mistakes. People who have made mistakes are strong. You can learn from your mistakes. It’s like, ‘Who are you to talk like that? (laughs) “Yukina also learned a lot of things based on various experiences.

Then, to “take responsibility,” the two started the punishment game by eating “Peyoung’s Super Hot Yakisoba” themselves. Kinoshita’s chewing sound echoed in the room, and then she said, “It’s so spicy, I can’t do it for real. It hurts! His eyes and face turned red. The man also ate, shaking his body, and expressed his apology by crying and sobbing.

Even after making a mistake, Kinoshita never forgets the spirit of service to her fans until the end. That’s the kind of person Kinoshita is, and that’s why her passionate fans will always support her. More and more, we can’t take our eyes off Kinoshita. ……!

  • Photo Takayuki Ogawauchi

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