One of the issues is whether or not he promised to marry her.” The Shinjuku Towers Stabbing: Wakui Suspect’s Selfish Motive and the Investigation | FRIDAY DIGITAL

One of the issues is whether or not he promised to marry her.” The Shinjuku Towers Stabbing: Wakui Suspect’s Selfish Motive and the Investigation

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Wakui suspect stabbed a 25-year-old woman to death. At the time of the crime, he is said to have exclaimed, “I’m not a stalker.

Behind the horrific incident was a motive so selfish.

On May 8, Manabu Wakui, 51, a resident of Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, was arrested on suspicion of murder for stabbing Toshino Hirasawa, 25, in the neck and stomach in front of her tower apartment in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo. Wakui has admitted to the charges.

The incident occurred before dawn on August 8. Wakui ambushed Hirasawa and chased him when he came out of a convenience store on the first floor of the apartment where the crime took place, and attacked him. Ms. Hirasawa, who was stabbed in dozens of places, was pronounced dead about an hour later at the hospital where she was taken. The police, who were alerted to the incident, arrested Wakui on the spot.

Wakui lived with his parents in their home in Kawasaki City. He was a food delivery service provider by profession. He used to work as a motorcycle delivery driver, and people who knew him at that time said, “He is serious and punctual. He was also well-liked, serving as a coordinator,” says a person who knew him at the time. What happened to Wakui?

Wakui and Hirasawa are believed to have met about four years ago. Around the fall of 2009, Wakui happily told people around him that he was going to get married, and it is said that Hirasawa was his partner. In fact, around this time, he gave Ms. Hirasawa more than 10 million yen that he had obtained by selling his beloved car and motorcycle. Perhaps using that money as a source of income, Hirasawa-san opened his own girls’ bar and cabaret club in the Ueno area around the winter of ’21. At the time, they seemed to be on good terms, sending her flowers to celebrate the opening,” said a reporter from the society section of a national newspaper.

However, the gap between the two parties widened from there. In March 2010, Wakui was banned from the store for getting into trouble with the store. In May of the same year, he was arrested for stalking Ms. Hirasawa.

Around this time, Wakui told people around him that he had a fight with Ms. Hirasawa and that she was cold to him when he gave her money. He was arrested for stalking Ms. Hirasawa, as he had ambushed her in front of her home and demanded a refund. On the other hand, both of Mr. Hirasawa’s stores were closed in less than a year due to deteriorating business conditions. By this time, the stalking behavior of the suspect Wakui seemed to have ceased, and in July 2011, Ms. Hirasawa requested that the police discontinue their restraining order.

Mr. Hirasawa was murdered. He was an excellent cast member at a Ginza club where he had worked in the past, becoming number one (from his SNS).

The murder took place nearly q years after the termination of the restraining order. Moreover, the fact that the suspect was stabbed in dozens of places shows that he was very vindictive and had a strong intent to kill. Wakui is believed to have given Hirasawa more than 10 million yen, plus 7 million yen in debts to consumer credit companies, for a total of more than 17 million yen.

Wakui divorced about five years ago, and met Hirasawa after that. She must have been the one who filled the loneliness of his separation from his wife. That may be where Mr. Hirasawa made his sweet offer. He was a serious person, so I am just surprised at this crime,” said an acquaintance of Wakui.

What will become of the investigation in the future?

The police have already switched their investigation to the murder charge,” said an acquaintance of Wakui. The police have already switched their investigation to murder, and since the suspect himself has broadly admitted to the crime, it is highly likely that he will be charged with murder. If that happens, he will basically be sentenced to five years or more in prison, but there are cases where extenuating circumstances can be recognized. Wakui’s claim that ‘there was a promise of marriage’ may be one such case, but as his parents have said that they have never met Ms. Hirasawa, it does not appear that they were married as an objective fact. There is also the possibility that Ms. Hirasawa’s modus operandi falls under the category of marriage fraud, but to what extent can the maliciousness in that area be proven? At this point, however, it is highly unlikely that the sentence will be reduced to less than five years.

There are some comments on social networking sites defending the case, saying that “the suspect Wakui was deceived. However, the aforementioned investigator asserts, “What the suspect Wakui did is not something that can be forgiven.

There are many sympathetic voices to Wakui on the Internet, but murder is unforgivable for any reason. In addition, the suspect Wakui is only the perpetrator, and his testimony cannot be taken for granted. The investigation into the background of the case will continue.

If he took a life based on his own “delusions,” needless to say, he is guilty of a serious crime.

Suspect Wakui to be sent to prosecution
He broadly admits to the charges.
He says he had promised to marry Ms. Hirasawa.
The crime of taking a life for selfish reasons is serious.
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