Assault & Blonde hair and sunglasses while on probation and riding a bicycle out of control… Stupefying statement immediately after the re-arrest “Hyokkori Han” incident. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Assault & Blonde hair and sunglasses while on probation and riding a bicycle out of control… Stupefying statement immediately after the re-arrest “Hyokkori Han” incident.

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Narushima arrested again

“I was going to put my body on the line to make the drivers behave better.

The man known as “Hyokkori Han,” who had stated this, was arrested again.

On May 9, the Kashiwa Police Station of the Chiba Prefectural Police re-arrested Akihiko Narushima, 36, an unemployed man suspected of violating the Road Traffic Law (obstructive driving), for allegedly riding a bicycle and obstructing a passenger car driven by a woman in her 50s on a city street in Kashiwa City in the afternoon of April 15.

The suspect’s bicycle crossed the center line and appeared to jump out in front of the car driven by the woman. Narushima was often seen in the area with blond hair, sunglasses, and a dark suit, pedaling a bicycle with a basket at a high rate of speed.

This year, the police have received 42 reports of “dangerous bicyclists” and other such incidents. Narushima has denied the crime, saying that he was just riding his bicycle normally and was not driving in a manner that would cause harm to oncoming traffic.

This is not the first time Narushima has been arrested. Narushima was arrested in September 2007 and again in October 2008, and was sentenced to eight months in prison and fined 200,000 yen for the second arrest. FRIDAY Digital” reported on the incident in detail in an article distributed on October 15, 2008. We would like to recount the unbelievable words and actions of “Hyokkori Han” and his surprising criminal act (some parts have been revised).

I want to see the look of surprise on the driver’s face.


You’re not going to stop!

Four men are struggling violently with each other on the street in broad daylight. A small man grabs an older man and two men try to stop him from behind.

The two men behind him are trying to stop him.

Put me down! Put me down for what?

The graphic video was uploaded to YouTube. On October 6, 2008, Saitama Prefecture’s Ageo Police Department arrested Narushima, a part-time employee in Okegawa City, on suspicion of assault for grabbing a passing man by the chest. Narushima was on probation after being arrested in September 2007 for violating the Road Traffic Law by jumping in front of a moving car in Ageo City and other areas.

I want to see the surprised look on the driver’s face.

Narushima, who had repeatedly committed similar crimes for such appalling reasons, is a bit of a celebrity in Saitama Prefecture. He was called “Hiyorikkorihan” by investigators because he would suddenly appear in front of cars.

It was rumored that “Hyokkori Han,” who was on probation and had been laying low, had been repeatedly causing trouble again. When the male victim, who said he was hit by a rock when he was warned, waited for the suspect Narushima and protested, he apparently became upset and started to lash out (see video above). He told the police, “I was just riding my bicycle, but he complained to me. I was so angry.'” (Another reporter from a national newspaper’s society section)

The standard style of “Hyokkori Han” is long blond hair, a mask, sunglasses, and a black suit. He cycled in front of a car and drove slowly and serpentinely around the center line of the road. He repeatedly and unexpectedly swerves into the oncoming lane. If a car rushes by and hits a person on the sidewalk, it could be a catastrophe.

This is too bad for a prank. In July 2007, a man was injured by an oncoming car that actually braked suddenly.

The crime started around ’18. At first, it was just a rumor on social networking sites, but in July ’19, the media picked it up and it became famous at once. The police, who had been quietly watching the situation, got their act together and arrested Narushima in September of the same year for causing a man to suffer an injury.

His title at the time was “employee of a metal processing company,” but this time it was “part-time employee. He may have been dismissed due to the arrest. In February 2008, Narushima was sentenced to two years in prison with a four-year suspended sentence by the Saitama District Court. However, it seems that the ‘hijinks’ had been going on again since around May,” he said.

At first, he jumped out unintentionally, perhaps taking pleasure in the unexpected thrill and reaction of the other party. However, his desire grew more and more intense. Unable to control himself, “Hyokkori Han” was arrested again.

He denies the charges (some photos have been doctored).
The bicycle that “Hyokkori Han” actually rode.
Narushima has been arrested several times (some photos have been doctored)
While on probation, he was also involved in an assault case (some photos have been doctored)
Riding a bicycle with blond hair and wearing sunglasses (some photos have been doctored)
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