The shocking background of two high school girls’ “overdose buddies” who died of drug addiction | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The shocking background of two high school girls’ “overdose buddies” who died of drug addiction

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The suspect, Irie, is being prosecuted. The suspect, Irie, is denying the charges, saying, “I don’t remember kidnapping the high school girl.

‘We were overdose buddies’

The two men and women arrested on suspicion of kidnapping a minor are said to have told police about their relationship with the high school girl they took into their room.

The suspects, Kishiro Irie, 38, an unemployed man from Moriyama City, Shiga Prefecture, and Emu Kaneshiro, 21, also unemployed, from Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, were arrested on December 12 just before 11 a.m. Kaneshiro called 119.

He said, “A woman is lying in her room. She’s unconscious. ……”

When firefighters rushed to Irie’s apartment, they found a young woman collapsed in the hallway. It was Ms. S., 19, a correspondence high school student living in Kyoto City. In the trash can inside the apartment, empty packages of about 100 pills, including tranquilizers, sleep-inducing drugs, and anti-anxiety drugs, were found.

The three met on a members-only social networking site. The suspect, Kaneshiro, sent a message around 4 p.m. on December 11, saying, ‘I’m at the house of a man I know. The suspect sent a message saying, “I’m at the house of a man I know. The two suspects and Ms. S had never met before. At 6:00 p.m., they allegedly brought her to Irie’s apartment.

Rent is overdue.

It seems that Irie had always been a troublesome person.

It seems that he had been working as a photographer, but was rejected by a photography-related company he wanted to join due to his bad attitude. He was out of work due to the new coronavirus and was hanging out in his apartment. His monthly rent of about 50,000 yen was also overdue.

The packages of drugs found in Irie’s room were all over-the-counter or available only with a doctor’s prescription. There were no obvious injuries or signs of a struggle, and it is believed that Ms. S died from an overdose. What was the background? Yasuhei Ogawa, a former detective of the Kanagawa Prefectural Police and crime journalist, tells us.

The suspect was the same sex and was two years old. Since he is the same sex as her and there is a two-year age difference between them, he probably accepted her invitation without much caution. It seems that he accepted her invitation without much caution.

Ms. S probably tried to take it easy by overdosing on a large amount of drugs. However, there are too many empty packages, and it is doubtful that Ms. S would have tried to take the drugs on her own. It is more likely that both suspects recommended her to take them, saying, “You’ll feel better if you take them. The two suspects must have known that taking a large amount of the drug could lead to death, as they stated that they were “overdose buddies. They may have had the intention to kill her.

Irie denies that he kidnapped her, while Kaneshiro admits that he did not. If the investigation continues and the circumstances of Ms. S’s death become clear, both suspects may be charged with different crimes.

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