Tohyoko neighborhood lynching and murder case: “What the victim said 7 days before his death”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Tohyoko neighborhood lynching and murder case: “What the victim said 7 days before his death”.

Suspect Hisaki Sekiguchi (26) and two other boys arrested Tragedy at a new spot in Shinjuku The victim was a homeless man in his 40s who joined the volunteer organization "Kabukicho Manjikai" to start his life over...

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Seven days before the incident, “Akira the Homeless” was interviewed by this magazine. I was impressed to see him happily picking up trash with the young people.

November 28, a little after 8 p.m. in Kabukicho, Shinjuku. A group of about 30 young people walked into one of the buildings. When they arrived at the rooftop, they took out incense sticks, offered them with a can of Chuhai, and put their hands together. One man, with tears streaming down his face, murmured, “I can’t allow them to do this. ……

Their true identity is the “Kabukicho Manjikai”. It is a volunteer organization that picks up trash and maintains public safety in the Around Shinjuku Toho Building Area, which has become a hotbed of crime in recent years, including drug abuse and prostitution by minors. One of their members was lynched and murdered on the roof the day before.

On November 27th, just after 2:00 p.m., we received a report that a man in his 40s was being surrounded and beaten by a group of four men on the rooftop of the Hoshikan Building. When we rushed to the scene, we found the man was already unconscious and covered with bruises all over his body. It is believed that he had been beaten multiple times with his bare hands. His face was not intact and his organs were damaged, and he passed away at the hospital. The victim was a homeless man, Akira Ujiie (43 at the time). The main suspect, Hisaki Sekiguchi, 26, and two other juveniles were arrested on suspicion of manslaughter. One of them is still at large (as of November 30),” said an investigator.

The victim was Akira, the homeless man that FRIDAY interviewed in last week’s issue of Manjikai. FRIDAY contacted a former Manjikai executive who was familiar with the relationship between the victim and the suspect.

Sekiguchi is from Ibaraki Prefecture and was the vice president of Manjikai until early October of this year. Before that, he was a member of a tertiary organization affiliated with the Sumiyoshi-kai, a designated crime syndicate, he told me. His business name was “Ryusei Noboru,” and he was called “Noboru-san” in “Manjikai. I remember him saying, “I joined Manjikai for the women.

He would give lodgings to helpless girls who had joined Manjikai in search of salvation, have sexual relations with them, and later force them to become bishops. Sekiguchi had revealed his plan to me, saying that he wanted to use Manjikai as a way to get laid. However, the head of the General Assembly found out about his many problematic activities, and Sekiguchi was expelled.

At that time, Sekiguchi took five boys who adored him with him and left, and they are the perpetrators of this crime.

Why did such a suspect as Sekiguchi attack a homeless man? Why did Sekiguchi attack the homeless man? There was a complicated reason hidden in the “Around Shinjuku Toho Building neighborhood. A former executive continues.

In fact, Akira had borrowed about 100,000 yen from Sekiguchi, and he also gave him some clothes. However, he never returned the money he borrowed and sold the clothes he received. One day about a year ago, Akira was listening to the problems of a member who wanted to run away from home. When Sekiguchi saw this, he exploded with his usual frustration and yelled at him, saying, “Don’t talk so big when you’re homeless.

What was more decisive was that Akira tried to touch the girl Sekiguchi liked the most. Akira told her, “If you don’t have money, go get yourself a man. If you don’t have any money, go hook up with a guy, and I’ll get you some money as a beauty queen. Akira-san was also involved in managed prostitution. When Sekiguchi heard about this, he was furious. Since then, he had been looking for an opportunity to attack her.

There is no doubt that Akira had some problematic behavior. However, he had repented and was trying to reform. Mr. Howl, the president of Manjikai, also supported Akira-san.

Akira-san has been picking up trash with us since around August this year. Yes, he caused some problems and was not an official member, but everyone loved him like a father. Kids who can’t get their real parents to take care of them go to Akira-san.

Seven days before his death, Akira spoke passionately about his dream to a FRIDAY reporter.

Seven days before his death, Akira had passionately expressed his dream to a FRIDAY reporter: “I’m like these kids (members of Manjikai), my parents were alcoholics and I had a domestic violence family. My father died early and I had no place to stay. That’s why if there are children in trouble, I want to be with them and listen to their problems. In the Around Shinjuku Toho Building Area, there is an increasing number of crimes targeting minors who have no one to look after them. I want to protect as many children as possible from bad adults.

Akira was trying to protect children from criminals, but he lost his life to those boys.

From theDecember17, 2021 issue of FRIDAY

The day after the incident, a memorial service was held by Manjikai on the roof of the building where the incident took place. A can of chuhai, Akira’s favorite drink before he died, was offered.
Sekiguchi was sent to the police station in Shinjuku. During the interrogation, he stated that he had a grudge against me and that he did not return the money I lent him.
Suspect Sekiguchi during the time he was a member of Manjikai.
  • PHOTO Takero Yatsuka (Akira-san, memorial service) Shinji Hasuo (sentenced)

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