Brokers are locked up in their rooms except for playing. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Brokers are locked up in their rooms except for playing.

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Usui was re-arrested.

Prostitution in Australia is not illegal.

The man explained this to the woman and introduced her to a brothel in Sydney.

By May 9, the Metropolitan Police Department’s Security Division re-arrested Yoshio Usui, 54, and three other men on suspicion of violating the Employment Security Law (recruiting workers for harmful work). The Usui suspects had already been arrested for pimping to women for prostitution in the U.S. through the “Overseas Dekasegi Sharm” job site. The re-arrested Usui admitted that he encouraged the women to work at an Australian brothel, and reportedly made the following statement to the police: “Japanese women are popular among Asian women.

Japanese women are very popular in Asia. Many women applied for jobs to pay off their host’s accounts receivable.

In an article distributed on April 8 this year, “FRIDAY Digital” reported in detail on the case in which Usui was first arrested and the reality of overseas prostitution through the real voices of intermediary women. We would like to reproduce the article and introduce the graphic reality of the illegal sex industry (some parts of the article have been corrected).

“They pose as tourists.

“Take a camera and pose as a tourist. And be sure to research tourist attractions in advance.

The broker of the job site instructed the women who applied for the positions in this way.

On April 4, the Metropolitan Police Department’s Security Division announced the arrest of Usui, the owner of the dating club, and others on suspicion of violating the Employment Security Law (introduction of harmful business, etc.). The Usui suspects operate a recruiting website, “Overseas Dekasegi Sharm,” which introduces Japanese women to prostitution work in the United States. So far, the site has generated sales of approximately 200 million yen.

The suspects allegedly pimped two women in their 20s and 30s to a prostitution ring in the U.S. between March and April of last year. In the U.S., there has been a series of cases of people being refused entry for the purpose of prostitution. Since the screening process is becoming stricter, the Usui suspects explained to the women who applied that they should ‘pose as sightseers.

The job site “Overseas Dekasegi Sharm” has been in operation since around ’21, and including solicitation by scouts, they had 200 to 300 women employed not only in the U.S. but also in Australia, Canada, and other countries. The women lived in local brothels and other places for 10 days to a month, earning between 900,000 yen and 2.5 million yen. About 10% of the remuneration was given to the brokers, including the Usui suspects.

The suspects surfaced after the U.S. authorities informed the National Police Agency that Japanese women were frequently denied entry into Japan for the purpose of prostitution.

What exactly is prostitution overseas? In an article distributed on December 5, 2009, “FRIDAY Digital” interviewed Ms. A, a woman who acted as an intermediary, and asked her for a graphic account of the actual situation. The following is what Ms. A told us about prostitution (some parts have been edited).

[Overseas migrant prostitution is a pyramid-shaped organization, and in addition to brokers, there seem to be several scouts. I was told that the scouts sent several women, including my own girlfriend, to work as overseas migrants. We are told that the recruiter calling for applications online is a billing clerk of unknown gender, with a Chinese boss reigning over him.

Women prostituting locally were said to have been kept in almost constant confinement.

[They] had only two meals a day, one in the morning and one at night. Fruit and flakes in the morning. At night, hamburgers. No snacks. The bathrooms were luxurious and looked like a hotel. He woke up around 11:00 a.m. because he had to confirm his attendance at 11:00 a.m. He worked 12 hours a day from 12:00 p.m. to midnight. He went to bed around 2 am. The room was furnished with only a bed and a small desk, and there was no TV.

Compensation was often not paid as originally promised.

The play was sexual intercourse with a rubber on. The Chinese bosses forced them to get tips from the customers in addition to the playing fee, but few customers paid tips. Was it because the era is cashless? The maximum reward is $200 (about 23,000 yen). They claimed they could make money on tips when they made the introductions. …… It’s a scam.

Some of them have been threatened with guns and forced to take drugs. The police warn people never to take advantage of such solicitations.

The suspects were said to have earned about 200 million yen (some photos have been modified)
One of the suspects arrested
More than 100 women went overseas through a job site (photo partially redacted)
Three of the re-arrested suspects admitted to the charges (photo partially redacted)
They instructed the women to pose as tourists (photo partially redacted)
The website claimed “monthly income of 10 million yen” (some photos have been redacted)
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