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Big Boss Tsuyoshi Shinjo’s “dignified fashion sense” checked!

Judged by fashion writers!

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Nailed it with the yancha fashion!

One of my favorite things to do these days is to watch the Big Boss Fever. The media and fans are always lining up to see the superstar that the Japanese baseball world has been waiting for, and it is reported on the Internet news and wide shows every day. Recently, he has been appearing on a number of popular variety shows himself, and he has been talking about baseball teams and professional baseball. PR He has also been appearing on a number of popular variety shows to promote the team and professional baseball. That’s why this time Mr. Two This is why we are going to take the liberty of doing a fashion check on Tsuyoshi Shinjo, aka “Big Boss”.

(Photo: Kyodo News)

Checked suit and big collar shirt at the inauguration press conference that drew attention from all over Japan.

It’s been 15 years since his retirement in 2006, and two years since his much-talked-about tryout. I can only say I’m impressed that his long-awaited return to the baseball world was not as a coach or publicist, but as a manager. I can’t help but applaud the wise decision of Nippon-Ham.

The burgundy suit was, of course, custom-made. I was astonished to see that the hem of the pants was double on the right and single on the left, which I’ve never seen before!

And then there was the inaugural press conference for the new manager, with such an outlandishly innovative appearance. I’m sure that many of you must have blown up, cringed, or burst out laughing the moment you saw it. The collar of the shirt was too high, the sleeves were too long, and the hem of the pants was tailored differently on each side. How is that possible? On a variety show, he said, “That collar was really supposed to be 4 cm lower,” but it’s still huge! I’m constantly overwhelmed by his clever sense of topic creation.

Dressed like a visual-kei band member, he went to inspect the fall camp.

Arriving in Okinawa wearing clothes from a visual-kei brand known only to those in the know.

A few days after the aforementioned inaugural press conference, the Big Boss arrived in Okinawa to observe the autumn camp of Nippon Ham. To be honest, I was also impressed by the way he was dressed. I wonder if there has ever been a manager, not only in professional baseball, but in any other professional sport, who has ever landed at the airport looking like this. He has always worn boot-cut pants, including the uniforms he wore when he was still active, for their leg-lengthening effect.

The Big Boss doesn’t skimp on his training wear either!

Even when he appeared at the fall camp, he was very conscious of the camera. His training wear was designed to be easy to move around in, but it wasn’t just some cheap stuff. He is cool and stylish to the utmost extent. Fashion is a part of performance, and you can see that in his spirit.

When it comes to Tsuyoshi Shinjo, no matter what anyone says, red is the color of choice. On the first day of the camp inspection, he entered the stadium wearing a bright red jersey made in Italy. In the afternoon, he changed to a black jersey to create even more of a stir.
The chic monotone jersey with the logo was made by Under Armour. He also wore a brown turban that blended in with his hair color and gold sneakers. The sneakers are a collaboration model between Nike and Supreme.
The blue jacket with the Oakley logo on it is an official item of Nichi-Ham. This one sold out due to the Shinjo effect. The black pants look normal at first glance, but there’s no reason for that… they have a huge safety pin in the crotch!

The fan festival in the supercar was also rock star style.

Judging from the fact that he is often seen wearing checks, I guess Big Boss is a big fan of checks.

At the fan appreciation event held at Sapporo Dome, he drove himself in a bright white Lamborghini that was inspired by the snow in Hokkaido. She wore a black fur coat with a belt and pants. Inside was a checked shirt and a long knit scarf. In front of the microphone, he sashayed out of the coat on his shoulders and sent a passionate message to his fans.

The press conference with the new players was a much more dandy-like affair.

In the center of the nervous newcomers, he stood with one leg lightly pulled back, looking like a model.

A dark brown checkered three-piece suit with a black shirt. A black shirt, a gold necktie with a fine pattern, and a camel chief in his pocket. This is the first time I’ve seen her in such a flamboyant fashion, but on this day, she looked much more sober and dandy-like. I guess it was the Big Boss’s way of making sure that the star of the conference was the newly recruited player. How cool is that? I like his thoughtfulness and the way he dressed.

It’s not the first time for a man who has become the “Big Boss” to dress in a flashy manner. Shinjo’s style has always been consistently flirtatious. As we head into next season, Shinjo is sure to take the Japanese baseball world by storm, not only with his much-talked-about fashion, but also with his infectiously cheerful personality, outstanding star power, and innate baseball sense. I look forward to seeing more of him in the future, and I hope you will join me in having fun with him!

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