Yamamoto Mizuki and Ayamu Makita Spotted Heading to a Fashion Brand Event at Omotesando | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yamamoto Mizuki and Ayamu Makita Spotted Heading to a Fashion Brand Event at Omotesando

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Mizuki Yamamoto (right) and Ayamu Makita (left) shine like “fairies.

On a mid-April evening in Omotesando (Shibuya Ward), many people, including shoppers and foreign tourists, were passing by, even though it was a weekday. The Omotesando store of the popular fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger near the Jingumae intersection was holding an event to celebrate the first anniversary of its renovation, and manyyoung people were gathered around the intersection. A minivan pulled up in the middle of the crowd. Out of the backseat stepped Mizuki Yamamoto, 32.


The young people’s eyes were glued to Yamamoto, who was dressed in a shirt dress, loafers, and a pure white outfit.

“The surrounding crowd erupted into a quiet murmur, rather than cheers. With early summer approaching, Yamamoto’s cool, all-white ensemble made her look stunning, almost like a fairy.” (One of the young people present)

Not long after Yamamoto entered the venue, Ayamu Makita, 21, appeared in a light blue knit and long beige skirt.

“Director Hirokazu Koreeda recognized her talent, and she won numerous film awards for her role in the 2018 movie ‘Asa ga Kuru.’ Renowned for her ability to depict intricate and delicate female characters, she is unmatched in her portrayal of unconventional roles. Currently, she stars as the lead character’s sister in the popular Netflix drama ‘Nobunaga no Yabou.’ She is among the most eagerly awaited young actresses today.” (A staff member involved in commercial television drama production)

Makita’s departure was also filled with spring-like colors, exuding plenty of beauty and cuteness. The appearance of the two, like fairies, caused quite a stir around the venue. 

Yamamoto said at the event, “As it’s going to get hotter, I’d like to take a relaxed stroll in a cool place, feeling the nature around me while wearing this fashion.”

With that statement, conveying a sense of mature composure. Meanwhile, Saeda.

Whenever I pass by this street, I always look at the big Tommy Hilfiger store, and I never thought I would be able to do an event like this at that store. So, I’m happy.”

And with that earnest statement, she lifted the spirits of those at the venue. After the event, Korean actor Che Jung-hyup (30), who portrayed the lover of Nikaido Fumi (29) in the January drama Eye Love You (TBS), was also present, surrounded by the enthusiastic cheers of Hallyu fans as he left the venue.

The Omotesando area seemed to be more lively than usual with the “co-starring” of these young, upcoming actors.

Mizuki Yamamoto appeared in Omotesando wearing all white.
Her radiance drew a few groans from the young people around her. 
Ayamu Makita walks behind the staff with a slightly nervous look on her face.
Ayamu Makita looks a little nervous and fresh for the first time.
Choi Jung-hyup explodes in popularity with the drama “Eye Love You
Mizuki Yamamoto at the event (from her Instagram @mizuki_yamamoto_official)
Ayamu Makita at the event (from her Instagram @makita_aju)

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