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Beauty Beyond Dimensions with The Background Behind Hitomi Kuroki’s Unavoidable Role as an “Old Lady”

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Her beauty will never fade (’18 Mar. 9 issue).

Sara Kozawa (18), a member of the dance and vocal unit “Blueberry Soda,” who is also an actor, is starring in the TV Asahi drama “JK to Roppouzensho” (High School Girl and the Six Rules), with Hitomi Kuroki (63) appearing alongside her. As soon as the first episode aired, Kuroki’s visuals became a hot topic on the internet.

The drama features the youngest-ever high school girl to pass the bar exam, Miyabi Sakuragi, played by Kozawa, who thrives as a lawyer and struggles in court and school in this ‘legal profession × school’ hybrid drama. Kuroki plays the role of the protagonist’s grandmother, who is also the director of the law firm where she works and the president of the Kanto Bar Association, Hana Sakuragi. She has a strong power orientation and is aiming for the presidency of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations. With an unbelievably youthful appearance, she is aware of it herself and never allows Miyabi to call her ‘grandma.’

When the first episode was broadcasted, there were comments online saying, “Hitomi Kuroki was too incredible. She’s supposed to be in her mid-60s, but she looks like she’s in her early 40s, or rather, she looks the same as she did when she was young,” “Hitomi Kuroki doesn’t look 63 years old,” and “Her beauty is otherworldly, among others.”

“Originally, as actors age, they often take on roles appropriate for their age, but it seems that Ms. Kuroki had difficulty accepting the role of an elderly woman suitable for her age. Instead, she ended up playing a role like a beautiful witch lawyer, but online comments have pointed out that she’s trying too hard to look young. However, that’s the reality of the roles she has to accept,” said a broadcasting reporter.

Ms. Kuroki is also playing the role of the ‘mother’ of a couple portrayed by Goro Inagaki (50) and Yuki Uchida (48) in the NHK drama “The Swallows Never Return,” which started on April 30th. She plays the position of a ‘grandmother’ who longs for grandchildren from a couple without children.

After leaving her position as the top female actress at the Takarazuka Revue in September 1985, Kuroki recalled her teenage dream of appearing in movies and entered the entertainment industry. She gained recognition for her daring performance in the 1986 film Keshin, where she appeared fully nude, and won the Japan Academy Award for Best New Actor. She continued to accumulate experience and achievements in film productions, and her bold portrayal of an adulterous love affair in the 1997 film Shitsurakuen created quite a stir, establishing her as a top-tier leading actress.

However, one of her works became a turning point that completely changed her reputation as an actress.

“Kuroki starred alongside Osamu Mukai (42) in the 2008 NHK drama “Mama-san Volley de Tsukamaete.” The drama was a situation comedy recorded with a live audience, and the final episode was broadcast live. However, the final episode was particularly unpopular, with many questioning her acting ability. Since then, I have the impression that offers for leading roles have gradually dwindled.”

That is not all. Kuroki, who possessed a dignified beauty with a hint of cuteness and was an actress favored by both men and women, had her image tarnished by a series of subsequent events.

“In 2011, the president of the talent agency that had managed her for many years passed away. Following this, Kuroki expressed her intention to leave the agency abruptly, leading to its closure.

Then in 2012, her name came up in connection with an incident at a well-known private middle school involving the parent of the ringleader of a bullying case, who was reported as a ‘big-name actress.’ Reports stated that the lenient punishment of suspension for the ringleader student was due to the parent making a large donation.”

As offers for leading roles decreased, Kuroki made her directorial debut in the 2016 film “Disliked Woman.” Following that, she took the helm in films like the 2020 release “The Devil in Twelve Kimonos,” but her directorial works did not find any success at all.

“Furthermore, a friendly sports journalist who had always written favorable articles about her transferred, and as a result, the spotlight on her began to fade. The bullying issue at her former workplace, the Takarazuka Revue, which came to light last year, may also be a headwind for Kuroki.”

“Can she escape from this predicament by playing the role of a ‘too beautiful grandmother’?”

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Kuroki was dining with a male acquaintance at a high-end teppanyaki restaurant in Tokyo. Upon leaving, she showed consideration by having her own chauffeured car take them home (March 9, 2018 issue)
At the ‘Life Stylist of the Year 2005’ award ceremony (December 23, 2005 issue)
After picking up her daughter from school, Kuroki headed to a residential area in Tokyo together. They wandered around for a while, unable to find their destination (March 18, 2016 issue)
At the wrap party for the drama ‘Dousoukai – Love Again Syndrome’ (TV Asahi), Kuroki appeared quite drunk (July 9, 2010 issue)
Sara Kozawa, who was selected as the heroine for ‘JK to Roppouzensho’ (TBS), is a promising newcomer who won the Grand Prix in TBS’s audition program ‘Watashi ga Joyu ni Naru Hi Season 1’ season 2 (October 14, 2022 issue)
JK to Rokubousho” (from the program’s official X @JK6_tvasahi)
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