I thought I was different from Riri-chan” – Kabukicho’s “Riri-chan’s Rut” – The Rut of Riri-chan | FRIDAY DIGITAL

I thought I was different from Riri-chan” – Kabukicho’s “Riri-chan’s Rut” – The Rut of Riri-chan

The reality of Piena, as depicted by a writer who graduated from Keio University and is crazy about hosiery: Reiwa 6 years, Kabukicho is now ...... #92

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The money given by Jiba goes to the hostesses. What an empty cycle of the Kabukicho economy!

On April 22, “Riri-chan” was sentenced to 13 years in prison and a fine of 12 million yen. The prosecution had sought 13 years in prison and a fine of 12 million yen, but the Nagoya District Court sentenced her to 9 years in prison and a fine of 8 million yen.

Mai Watanabe, 25, aka Riri-chan, was charged with fraud in that she defrauded three men out of a total of more than 155 million yen, aiding and abetting fraud in that she sold manuals on techniques to defraud Jiba and obtained money from them, and income tax evasion of approximately 40 million yen. He is also accused of violating the Income Tax Act by evading approximately 40 million yen in income taxes.

The court’s decision to seek the sentence has caused controversy in Kabukicho, with some people saying, “Riri-chan alone is guilty of too much, while Diet members are not guilty of tax evasion! Ojiba sent her!” Some people are even saying, “Riri is the only one who is guilty of tax evasion, while the Diet members are not!

I’m not in love with her,” he said. That’s why I thought I was different from Riri-chan.

Ayane (22), a girl who does not read Riri-chan’s manual, said that she had obtained money from Ji in a similar way.

Ayane, 22, said that although she had not read Riri’s manual, she had used the same methods to obtain money from Ji. We basically create a ‘setup. From a man’s point of view, he wouldn’t like it if the guy he likes has plastic surgery, a high bra, or is a crazy hostess. It would be nice if they would spend money on it, but that’s not the case. That’s why we create a “setup.

Riri said she needed 8 million yen to get rid of her parents, and I used the same kind of setup. I made it so that my parents found out that I was doing sex work and threatened to pay me money if I didn’t want my sister to tell on me. A lot of uncles want to help, and that’s why they want to be with me.”

Ayane says she does not have a colorful love life.

It’s easy to pull money out of a relationship with a man of color,” she said. But it is important to bring Ayane to a phase where she is happy even if she is not in a physical or dating relationship, and she is happy if she is alive. Once you reach that point, you can pull in unlimited amounts of money. I don’t do anything involving sexual love because there is the risk of recrimination.

Ayane has been earning 3 to 5 million yen a month with her unique methods. She spent most of her earnings on hostesses and high-end brands.

She says, “If I was set up as a girl who didn’t have much money or was in trouble, people would complain about me buying high brands. So from the beginning, I set her up as a girl who liked high brands. From the very beginning of the meeting, I would show them that I wanted to buy the next one. If someone is resistant to that, they won’t come, and if they accept it, they’ll spend money.

Ayane once had a customer who transferred 5 million yen to her from a sex shop on the third time they met. When asked why he wired the money to her, she replied, “I don’t know why. When I asked her why, she answered matter-of-factly, “I don’t know, I was lucky.

The girls who pull large sums of money from the “ojis” are often dependent on the act of “oraku” itself.

They make up some last-minute excuse or setup that they don’t know if they can pull off, and when they get a message back, they meet up and get a wad of cash. It definitely feels better than a bad pachinko game. Once you get through the moment, any impatience or guilt you’ve been feeling is blown away. The moment I spend money at the host and the moment I withdraw the money from Jiba, I feel alive.

The issue of girls who have become a problem, starting with Riri-chan, has become a problem. The term is a lighthearted description of fraudulent behavior, but behind it may be a dependence on the act of “pulling” large sums of money itself. The aftermath of this incident will be interesting to watch.

From the May 10 and 17, 2024 issue of “FRIDAY

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