The “maliciousness” of Mizuhara, who “cheated everyone,” was revealed: “The wife of the bowler who runs the bowling alley also enjoyed VIP entertainment with Shohei Otani’s money. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “maliciousness” of Mizuhara, who “cheated everyone,” was revealed: “The wife of the bowler who runs the bowling alley also enjoyed VIP entertainment with Shohei Otani’s money.

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Shohei Otani (left) and Ippei Mizuhara. Behind this intimacy, he told “malicious lies” and deceived everyone. ……

It seems that Shohei Ohtani of the Dodgers was the “best money-handler.

In the fraud case of Ippei Mizuhara, a former exclusive interpreter for the Dodgers, who was prosecuted by federal prosecutors for illegally transferring $16 million (about 2.526 billion yen) from Ohtani’s bank account, the flow of the missing money has been revealed.

The $500,000 (about 78.5 million yen) in gambling losses paid by Mizuhara to bookmaker Matthew Bowyer were converted into chips and used by Bowyer, his wife, and associates at resort casinos in Las Vegas and California. The U.S. sports media outlet ESPN reported the story as told by multiple sources.

Mizuhara is one of 600 bettors held by Bowyer, who owes $40.7 million (¥6.427 billion). Mr. Bowyer himself was a regular customer at the resort casino and was known in Las Vegas as a high-stakes gambler who was not afraid to lose millions of dollars on the floor, known as the “Whale.

Mr. Bowyer deposited money transferred from Mizuhara into his Las Vegas casino account. He took the money as chips and converted his winnings into cash. The authorities are investigating this as money laundering.

However, Mr. Bowyer also lacked gambling talent and lost $7.9 million (approximately 1.247 billion yen) from June 2010 to October 2011. He was also involved in a lawsuit over a loan from a resort, and was later raided by federal police and “banned” from casinos throughout the United States.

After all, Otani’s hard-earned money was used by Mizuhara and Bowyer for their own personal gain. Moreover, Bowyer’s wife, Nicole, was also a “top customer” who received various VIP benefits from the resort, such as show tickets, golf, free food and beverages, and suites, which are called “comps.

The casino treated the “big-ticket” clients as VIPs, covering their travel and hotel expenses. Nicole seemed to take advantage of this and spent a lot of money in the casino. Otani probably had no idea that his money was being used in such a way.

The Bowyers also relied on Otani.

In November 2010, when Mizuhara sent an e-mail to Bowyer asking him to raise the betting limit, he replied

I’m sure you know that I don’t have any trouble paying you!

and he was hinting that Otani was behind it.

When all the wrongdoing came to light in March of this year, Mizuhara asked Bowyer if he had seen the reports. Mr. Bowyer replied.

Mr. Bowyer replied, “Yes, but it’s all bullshit. Obviously, you didn’t steal (money) from him (Otani). I understand it was a cover-up.

Bowyer replied, “Yes, but that’s all bullshit.

Here, for the first time, Mizuhara told Bowyer

“Strictly speaking, I stole from him. I’m done.

He told Mr. Bowyer that Mr. Bowyer was a gambler.

Mr. Bowyer thought that Mizuhara was the one doing the gambling, but that Otani had his ass. For him, it must have felt like catching a big sponsor. There are reports that the Bowyer couple’s lavish spending spurred on after meeting Mizuhara.

Given this, Mizuhara is guilty of deceiving not only Otani but also Mr. Bowyer. According to local reports, the chances of Otani recovering his lost money are “almost zero.

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