No one can pay attention to the “illegal loan” allegations against Councilor Kiyoshi Nakajo. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

No one can pay attention to the “illegal loan” allegations against Councilor Kiyoshi Nakajo.

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Mr. Kiyoshi Nakajo ran for the Japan Innovation Party and was elected to the House of Councillors. However, he is in a state of “department store of suspicion. ……

The Japan Innovation Party’s Kiyoshi Nakajo, a member of the House of Councillors, is facing another headwind.

NEWS POST SEVEN” of May 2 reported that Mr. Nakajo had signed a contract with an illegal interest rate of 60% per year when he loaned 10 million yen to an acquaintance. There are other testimonies that he had lent the same amount and at the same interest rate.

On January 1, the company corrected the loan from “none” to “10 million yen” in its asset report, which is required to be made public.

Mr. Nakajo said of the allegations.

I have spoken to my lawyer about the allegations.

But the Internet commented

“This is worse than a loan shark.

If true, he is out.

If true, he is out of the running. Ichiro Matsui, who was Nakajo’s representative at the time of his first election in 2010, prefaced his answer with the words, “If it is true…,” and then added, “I was the representative at the time.

If it is true, Mr. Nakajo should resign gracefully.

If this is true, Mr. Nakajo should resign gracefully,” he said, demanding his resignation.

Nakajo has caused a stir by publicizing his new song at a meeting of the Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology Committee of the House of Councillors after his first election and by raising the issue of nonpayment of his pension. In the latter case, he later posted on his YouTube channel

“I received a call from the pension office reminding me that my pension had not been paid and that I should pay it. In response, I said, ‘I’m not going to pay it because I don’t want to receive it. That was the first article about it. It was a complete and 100% lie.”

He denied it, but you can read the article at …….

He denied it, but he told us at that he had not paid his pension, regardless of the reason. Mr. Nakajo has been updating his YouTube videos frequently, but the number of views is generally around 1,000, which is lonely. He should make his claims in the Diet, not on YouTube, where it is deserted.

Nakajo is expected to take some kind of action regarding the illegal loan allegations after the Golden Week holidays, but his repeated scandals are probably a red card for a politician. Even if he were to return to the world of television, it would be difficult for him to continue his activities as before.

He has always been prone to gaffes and abusive language, and in August 2007 he was quoted on Fuji Television’s “Viking” as saying in reference to a man who had been “blitzed” by a driver: “The guy in the car, he’s got a brain and a memory.

He said, “The guy in the car must not have any brains.

In the January 2008 broadcast, he said, “I’m not sure if the guy in the car has any brains. In a January 2008 broadcast, he commented on Masahiro Higashide and Erika Karada’s reported affair, saying, “If it’s just once, it’s OK.

He said, “If it’s just one time, it’s OK.

Karada is described as a pure-hearted actress, but she is an actress who does whatever she wants.

Nakajo’s comment was “OK if it’s just one time. Nakajo has been divorced four times.

At the time, Viking took a gamble and used Ms. Nakajo. It became a topic of conversation as a result, but I am afraid to use her now. In addition, if the allegation of illegal lending is true, he is completely out of the picture. For compliance reasons, it is impossible to use him.

Mr. Nakajo’s life as a TV personality, not to mention his political life, is in the wind.

Mr. Nakajo is exactly as he appears on TV. There is no one around her who can pay attention to her. There is a fervent supporter called ‘Madame Nakajo,’ but I think that will probably decrease as a result of this report.

In addition to the allegations of illegal lending, at a karaoke contest he attended in April, he reportedly asked for ¥10,000 from the audience in exchange for performing a song. Although there is nothing illegal about this, the episode is indicative of Nakajo’s obsession with money.

The term of office for Upper House members is six years, and half of them are reelected every three years. It will be interesting to see how he deals with the situation.

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