“It’s Fun. Like, Really Fun.” – The Aftermath of a Refreshing Drive Date with 19-Year-Old Bride and Harai-chi’s Iwai Yuki | FRIDAY DIGITAL

“It’s Fun. Like, Really Fun.” – The Aftermath of a Refreshing Drive Date with 19-Year-Old Bride and Harai-chi’s Iwai Yuki

After the hot love scoop" - Haraiichi's Yuuki Iwai and his new wife Satsuki Okumori, who is 19 years younger than him.

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In November ’23, the public was surprised by the marriage of Yuuki Iwai (37) of “Halaichi” to the TV personality Satsuki Okumori (19), who is 19 years old, with an 18-year age difference. It was in early February that we caught the newlyweds on their first date.’ The following is a recap of the details based on an article distributed on February 20, 2012.

The couple enjoyed a driving date. They got into the car in a familiar manner, as if they were a married couple, although they did not exchange any particular conversation.

Mr. Iwai’s face clouded at one point, as if he realized he had overstayed his parking space, but when he got into the car with his wife, he started eating a doughnut in the car and his expression soon softened,” an eyewitness said.

In November 2011, Iwai announced his marriage to celebrity Satsuki Okumori, who is 18 years older than him.

The former rotten comedian has also appeared as the main MC on “Poka Poka” (Fuji Television) since January ’23. His work has been going well since last year, including the start of his other flagship program.

Iwai’s popularity with the public tends to be dominated by his partner Tasuku Sawabe (37), but Iwai’s sense of humor explodes in the show’s comedy corner. Although the ratings are not good, Iwai’s moderate sense of detachment, in contrast to Sawabe’s high tension, creates the atmosphere of the show. Iwai is without a doubt the key person behind “Poka Poka” right now.

(A Fuji Television insider) Iwai is steadily building his reputation in the industry. (Fuji Television insider) Iwai is steadily gaining recognition in the industry, and it seems likely that he will use his marriage as an opportunity to develop a new character.

He has been treated as a ‘non-nikata geisha’ or a ‘rotten geisha,’ but even before his marriage, he had begun to move away from these characters. Even on the show, he has refrained from being tongue-in-cheek and has become a solid MC. Furthermore, in an unpublished scene in “Shukan Manga Michi +” (TV Asahi), Ms. Iwai said, “I have more leeway now that I am married.

Thanks to this, I think she will reevaluate her character and change into a character that is calm and can speak without any teeth, like Shinobu Sakagami (56) of “Viking More,” which was in the same slot as the current “Poka Poka.

Both their public and private lives seem to be going well.

It’s fun. Much fun.”

On February 8, Iwai appeared on “Downtown DX” (NTV) and talked about his newlywed life for the first time. When he mentioned that Okumori is 19 years old, he said, “You must be jealous,

You must be jealous.

He smiled and said that they both sweat a lot,

His wife is the type to sweat a lot in the night, so we’re both a mess,” he said, making the audience laugh.

On February 11, Okumori updated her Instagram page with the following message from her appearance on NHK E-television’s “New Trial: The Future Can Be Seen Through the World’s Entrance Exams! (NHK E) on February 11, Okumori updated her Instagram to show off her school uniform, which was the costume she wore when she appeared on the show. Many comments on SNS were made on this, such as “I can’t believe she is a married woman” and “I really envy Iwai,” but no comments were seen in which Okumori touched on her marriage.

Furthermore, on the March 22 broadcast of “Sake no Tsumami ni Naru Hanashi” (Fuji TV), Iwai was congratulated on her marriage by her co-stars at the beginning of the program,

I’m having fun. It’s a lot of fun.” “I’ve never lived with other people before,” he said.

He said that living with Okumori is the first time in his life that he has lived with someone else.

In fact, Okumori is such a maniac that he listens to the radio 30 hours a week and watches more than 150 comedy shows a month. His column “Okumori Satsuki’s Comedy Casebook,” which he writes for “Quick Japan Web,” has been highly praised for its “accurate analysis of the current state of comedy. In the future, she and Iwai may collaborate on comedy as a married couple.

Sawabe, Iwai’s partner who does not write material, cannot afford to sit idly by.

Behind Iwai is his wife. Okumori was only 13 years old when the two co-starred in “Ohasuta” (TV Tokyo).
Unpublished photo of Yuuki Iwai, Haraiichi, on a “refreshing drive date” with his new wife of 19 years with doughnuts in his mouth.
Haraichi and his new wife, Yuuki Iwai, on a “refreshing drive date” with doughnuts.
Unpublished photo of Yuuki Iwai, Haraichi’s new wife, on a “refreshing drive date” with donuts.
Satsuki Okumori’s Instagram (from @satuki_okumori_official)
Satsuki Okumori’s Instagram (from @satuki_okumori_official)
Satsuki Okumori’s Instagram (from @satuki_okumori_official)
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