The Serious Intentions of a Suspect in his 20s who Crafted a Homemade Iron Pipe Gun to Attack Those Who Made This Country Unjust | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The Serious Intentions of a Suspect in his 20s who Crafted a Homemade Iron Pipe Gun to Attack Those Who Made This Country Unjust

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Tashiro, who was arrested for smuggling homemade guns, was also arrested in January for possessing gummy bears containing narcotic ingredients.

A man who smuggled a homemade gun into his home was arrested by police on April 27.

A man who was smuggling homemade guns in his home was arrested by police on April 27 on suspicion of violating the Arms Manufacturing Law (unlicensed gun manufacturing) and the Firearms Control Law, according to the Chiba Prefectural Police. Tashiro manufactured guns from iron pipes and possessed them between June and September of last year.

The incident began when the Chiba Prefectural Police raided the Tashiro suspect’s home on suspicion of another crime. At that time, they found the gun suspected in this case. During the search, magic mushrooms and gummies containing narcotic ingredients were also found, and the suspect Tashiro was arrested in January on suspicion of violating the Narcotics Control Law. This time, the gun seized in December was subsequently appraised and found to be capable of killing, leading to the arrest.

Tashiro admitted the charges and said , “I was disappointed with the world, including Japanese politics. He stated that he was imagining attacking those who made the country like this for his own righteous cause of improving Japan’s future. Whether or not there was a specific “plan of attack” will be revealed in future interrogations, but many people on the Internet were reminded of the shooting of former Prime Minister Abe in July ’22.

In the ’22 incident, Tetsuya Yamagami shot former Prime Minister Abe to death with a homemade gun that consisted of two metal pipes wrapped around each other with adhesive tape. The fact that a gun made by an ordinary person became the murder weapon of a terrorist attack shocked the public.

Yamakami stated that he made the gun based on an Internet video. In fact, it is easy to find out how to make a gun on the Internet, and it is possible to make a gun using only materials available at home improvement stores. After the incident, an American YouTuber uploaded a video in which he recreated and test-fired Yamagami’s gun, and he said that the materials were available on Amazon for only $210. (Case Writer)

On the other hand, some experts warn that “it is difficult to adjust the amount of gunpowder, and the possibility of accidents is high and dangerous. In the American YouTuber’s experiment, the bullets flew forward, but the barrel of the gun went off. However, it seems that gun smuggling has no end in sight, as in January 2011, a then 29-year-old company employee arrested in Hokkaido for possession of black powder was also sent away for smuggling guns and explosives made from iron pipes.

Of the 321 guns seized by the National Police Agency in 2010, only 34, or almost 10%, were believed to be under the control of gangsters. On the other hand, the number of seizures triggered by Internet-related transactions is increasing. In the past, gun smuggling was usually associated with gangs or a few gun enthusiasts, but it is becoming easier for people without such backgrounds to gain access to guns,” he said.

Who did Tashiro intend to attack for the future of Japan?

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He grinned at the press.
He says he admits to the charges.
What was he going to do for the future of Japan?
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