A Malicious Producer Who Indecently Assaults A High School Girl Idol With A Cunning Criminal Technique | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A Malicious Producer Who Indecently Assaults A High School Girl Idol With A Cunning Criminal Technique

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Takumi Sanada, 40, is a well-known producer in the idol group industry.

Takumi Sanada, 40, was arrested by the Juvenile Development Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department on suspicion of violating the Child Welfare Law by the 22nd for committing a lewd act on a 17-year-old high school girl, a member of an idol group he produces. The suspect, Takumi Sanada, started dating the girl in February this year after the girl asked him for advice about the group’s activities. When he accompanied the girl on a business trip for a live concert, he took her to his hotel room and engaged in sexual intercourse with her.

Sanada was entrusted by a major entertainment production company to which an idol group belongs with the management of the girls’ group and worked with the members. When he made business trips to Osaka, he took a room at the hotel where the members stayed, and after the live concert, he would call the girls to his room and engage in lewd acts with them. Sanada is married, but on days when there were gravure photo shoots in Tokyo, he would bring the girl to his house in Setagaya and engage in the act.

Sanada whispered sweet nothings to the victim girl, saying “I love you” and “I’m leaving my wife, so let’s go out together,” and then proposed a false marriage proposal, saying “Let’s get married when I graduate from idol. The girl was attracted to the suspect Sanada and began to have romantic feelings for him. However, the secret relationship was finally discovered.

In March of this year, when the girl’s father discovered their SNS messages, he questioned the girl because the content was suggestive of indecent behavior. It was then discovered that she was dating the suspect Sanada, who was in charge of management. The father called Sanada and asked him what he had intended to do with his daughter.

When the father learned of their relationship, he warned the girl to stay away from Sanada. Even so, the relationship between the two did not end.

The suspect, Sanada, bought the girl a new phone so that her father would not find out that they were continuing their relationship. When they met together, he left the girl’s usual phone and luggage in a locker so that her whereabouts would not be known, and he went to great lengths to make her buy a ticket when she used public transportation so that he could track her steps when she used her IC card.

The father later urged Sanada to end his relationship with his daughter, but Sanada reiterated, “I have no intention of leaving your daughter. However, Sanada reiterated, “I have no intention of separating from your daughter, and I will not separate from my wife,” and consulted the police. The suspect was arrested.

The victim girl was convinced that she had to do what he said because he was a close friend of her agency and a well-known producer in the idol industry. She believed Sanada’s words at the beginning of the relationship, but when she found out that he had no intention of divorcing her, she realized that she had been played. She told the investigators, ‘I thought I had been made a convenient woman, and I feel betrayed.

The suspect Sanada, on the other hand, said, “I couldn’t control my desire, so I committed the act. I have a wife, but I met her many times with the intention of going out with her. If he says he is having intercourse, I think he is having intercourse.

The price for betraying his wife and even using her “merchandise” to get his hands on himself is heavy.

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