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Setting Changes, Filming Begins in March, No Barter. The Unprecedented Reasons Behind Kimura Takuya’s Drama Believe

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Takuya Kimura is off to a good start with TV Asahi’s “Believe. This drama is full of unusual circumstances for him. ……

Takuya Kimura stars in the TV Asahi drama “Believe – Kimi ni kakeru hashi” (Believe: The Bridge Over You), which premiered on April 25 and will air its second episode on May 2.

The average household rating for the first extended special was 11.7%, making it the top-ranked commercial drama series this season. The last episode of the program recorded 15.4% household viewership, the highest rating per minute. The drama impressed viewers with its “Kimitaku” performance amid a string of dramas in the single-digit range this season.

The drama depicts the unusual story of Kariyama, the head of the civil engineering design department of a general contractor, played by Kimura.

In the first episode, an accident occurs at the construction site of the “Ryujin Ohashi Bridge” where he poured his heart and soul into. There was a problem with the materials delivered to the site, but the fact was concealed at the behest of senior management, and Kariyama was sentenced to prison on the grounds that he committed professional negligence.

Normally, first dramas start in the first or second week of April, but this drama started just as April was about to end. As to the reason for this, a person involved in the drama said

We heard that Mr. Kimura was filming the movie version of “Grand Maison Tokyo” in France, and his schedule was pushed back. The crank-in date was March 20, which is unusual for a spring drama. This is unbelievably late for a spring drama. We are still in the middle of filming and I just hope there won’t be any problems.

He reveals, “I am still in the middle of filming and I just hope there won’t be any trouble.

At first, Kimura’s drama was completely “different. According to the aforementioned source

Kimura was to play the role of an anchor at the TV station.

However, the “sexual assault” scandal involving the late Janie Kitagawa last year raised questions about the TV stations’ discovery of the incident. However, the “sexual assault” scandal involving the late Mr. Janney Kitagawa last year raised concerns about the TV station’s disciplinary action, and the project was scrapped.

Mr. Kimura was very enthusiastic about the drama,” said Mr. Kikuchi. Naturally, he was very enthusiastic, and the script he brought with him for the first shooting was already in tatters. Even though he had just finished filming Grand Maison Tokyo, he had all the lines in his head,” said another person involved in the drama.

A “taboo” has also been lifted.

There is a scene in the drama in which Kimura is handcuffed.

This would have been unthinkable during his time with Johnny’s.” (A source close to the entertainment industry)

In the scene where Kimura stands side by side with Takumi Saito, the actor who plays the lawyer, the difference in height between Saito, who is over 6 feet tall, and Kimura is over 6 feet tall.

This kind of composition would never have been possible in the days of Johnny’s,” said one of the entertainment industry insiders.

(A source close to the entertainment industry).

There is no barter either. It has been a long-established practice in the TV industry for the offices of the leading cast members to sneak in actors they want to promote in the same drama series.

Johnny’s is another agency that has made full use of barter, but at this point there are no actors from the same former Johnny’s agency as Kimura in this drama.

Instead, Yuki Amami, who plays Kimura’s wife, has been chosen by her agency, Ken-On, to play a subordinate to Kimura’s character, Kariyama, played by up-and-coming actor Sasuke Ichinose. According to a person involved in the drama

“He will be the key man in proving the false accusation against Kimura’s Kariyama.

Amami is a key player in the drama.

Speaking of Amami, it has been a long time since “Emergency Room the Final,” in which she starred, was postponed due to the incident involving Kabuki actor Ichikawa Ennosuke. TV Asahi, the broadcaster of “Kintori,” is not happy about it and is desperate to release the film.

TV Asahi is backing Amami to the hilt. The latest information on the movie version of “Kintori” is as follows: “The latest information on the movie version of “Kintori” is as follows.

According to the latest information, reshooting of the theater version of “Kintori” has been set for this fall, and it is highly likely that the film will finally see the light of day next year.

The latest information is that the filming of a special drama has also been decided. The role of the Prime Minister played by Mr. Ennosuke is a top secret. As the title suggests, the film is the culmination of Amami’s career. The co-stars are also united in their efforts, saying, ‘For Mr. Amami’s sake, ……'” (reporter from a sports newspaper).

TV Asahi is very enthusiastic about the drama, which is being produced to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the station’s opening. Will Kimura be able to live up to the expectations?

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