From Adversity to Achievement: Mariko Shinoda Shines in the Spotlight, Radiant in Resilience | FRIDAY DIGITAL

From Adversity to Achievement: Mariko Shinoda Shines in the Spotlight, Radiant in Resilience

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Appeared in a pure white dress at an environmental event
She gave a very passionate performance of ″the adulterous bed scene″ in the drama “The Man Who Wouldn’t Get Divorced.

After the talk session, she was shopping and had a paper bag hanging from a store that sells environmentally friendly emergency food.

I was very scared of this role, but at the same time, I saw it as a great opportunity.

In the drama series “Divorce No Otoko: Sare Husband and Wife’s Deceitful Love” (TV Asahi), a married woman played by Mariko Shinoda (38) and Teppei Koike (38), who plays her adulterous partner, had a bed scene that was so bold and wild that it was pleasant to watch and became the most talked about scene in the January cool season.

In mid-April, about a month after the final episode of the drama aired, Shinoda was seen at “Earth Day Tokyo 2024,” an environmental festival held in Yoyogi Park.

Wearing a pure white one-piece dress that completely changed the image of the drama, she participated in a talk session. She showed the face of a kind mother, saying that the reason why she established “yokayo,” an organic cosmetic brand for mothers and babies in 2010, was because she did not want her beloved daughter to have atopic dermatitis.

Shinoda has been appearing in dramas since her AKB48 days, and her acting career actually spans more than 10 years. Her short cut and tall stature are distinctive, but surprisingly, she has not had any memorable representative works.

The Man Who Wouldn’t Divorce” is her return from the adversity of her divorce last March after an alleged adultery scandal. The fact that he dared to choose a role that is so strong and evocative of his own scandal is, as he says, a “big gamble.

Although there were some negative opinions about her “monstrous performance” in which she put her body on the line, she received more favorable comments than that. Drama production company executives are now looking at her with a keen eye.

Shinoda has carved out a new path for herself with her “tour de force,” and we look forward to her next work!

From the May 3, 2024 issue of FRIDAY

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