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YOASOBI Teams Up with Shohei Ohtani’s Agency to Aim for Grammy Award, Ignoring Record Awards

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ikura (back left) and Ayase (back right) of YOASOBI attend an official dinner at the U.S. White House. In anticipation of their expansion into the U.S. ……

YOASOBI” is now one of Japan’s leading artists, a unit of two men and two women.

They recently announced that they have signed an agent contract with CAA, a talent agency in Hollywood, U.S.A.” Founded in 1975, the company is a long-established business with Tom Hanks, Nicole Kidman, Anne Hathaway, Steven Spielberg, and Ethan Hawke to name a few. Recently, the company is also known as the agency of Shohei Otani of the Dodgers and actor Hidetoshi Nishijima.

YOASOBI is finally going overseas in earnest, with one-man shows scheduled for August in New York and Boston. After that, plans for a world tour are in the works.

Last year, YOASOBI’s song “Idol,” the theme song for the TV animation series “Suishinoko,” reached No. 7 on the U.S. Billboard’s global chart, becoming the highest-ranking song by a Japanese artist in history. He also performed at the world’s largest outdoor music festival “Coachella” held in California, USA.

At the live concert held in San Francisco on April 21, tickets for the 5,000-seat venue were sold out in an instant. The band performed 17 songs for 90 minutes on a powerful stage and was well received.

YOASOBI’s “biggest goal” is to win a Grammy Award.

The awards currently have 84 categories, and last year a Japanese winner in the Best Contemporary Instrumental Album category was “Empire Central,” a work by “Snarky Puppy” featuring percussionist Keita Ogawa.

The most prestigious awards were given in the four categories of “Best Song,” “Best Album,” “Best Record,” and “Best New Artist,” as well as in the four categories of worldwide popular pop, rock, country, and rap.

In ’82, Yoko Ono won the Best Album award for “Double Fantasy,” which she co-wrote with John Lennon. No Asian has ever won a Grammy in any major category in the past history. Will YOASOBI be able to break through the barriers? Expectations are high.

The “global standard” YOASOBI was truly demonstrated at last year’s “65th Shining Japan Record Awards! Japan Record Awards” last year.

The main category of “Best Picture Award” was not awarded to any of the 10 groups, but the group won the “Special International Music Award” and producer Ayase won the “Best Composition Award” for his song “Idol. On the Internet, it was pointed out that the reputation of the Recording Awards had not been good for some time, and the following question was raised.

Why wasn’t YOASOBI awarded the Grand Prize?

“Even if you look at it patronizingly, it’s not right.

Why isn’t YOASOBI the grand prize winner?

However, many TV people with behind-the-scenes knowledge of the event were not happy with the results.

However, according to a TV insider who knows what goes on behind the scenes, “Of course, the Recodai side is also concerned about YOASOBI.

Of course, the Recodai side thought that YOASOBI was the most likely candidate for the Grand Prize and made an offer, but YOASOBI side was not enthusiastic about it. The TV insider said, “Of course, the Recording Grand Prix thought that YOASOBI was the most likely candidate for the Grand Prize, and they made an offer, but YOASOBI was not interested in the idea.

YOASOBI was not attracted to the Reco Grand Prix and did not sing live on the day of the event.

YOASOBI’s eyes are set on the world.

“They didn’t want to be associated with the image of a Japanese ‘Reco Daigaku’ singer,” said a music industry insider.

The music industry insider said.

On April 10, YOASOBI was invited to a dinner at the U.S. White House with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, and Prime Minister Kishida, whose approval rating was slumping, was seen as “using” YOASOBI, who was at the peak of his popularity, and some people derided the event as a “waste of YOASOBI’s time. The event was derided by some as a “waste of YOASOBI.” ……

If you don’t like it, you can just say no. ……. It doesn’t change the fact that YOASOBI accepted the offer, so it became a reality. It may have been a way to sell his name in the U.S.,” said a music industry insider.

For YOASOBI, the year of 2012 will be a year of competition. Will we be able to see him on the Grammy Awards stage?

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