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Miura Ruri, Divorced Prior to Husband’s Trial, Fears Stigma as Criminal’s Wife After Separation

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Rurei Miura announced her divorce from her husband, who is currently in court. Until her husband’s arrest, she was a “darling” of the TV world. ……

The other day, we graduated as husband and wife. We became friends. I would like to inform you that I have chosen the surname Miura.

On April 26, Rurei Miura, an international political scientist, announced on her X page that she and her husband, Kiyoshi, had divorced.

The fact that she dared not use the word “divorce” but instead used the phrase “graduation,” and also assumed her husband’s surname, has led to a variety of speculations.

Kiyoshi is the representative of “Tribay Capital,” a solar power generation business, and was arrested by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office last March for embezzling 420 million yen. At his first trial last July, defendant Kiyoshi denied the charges, saying, “I am not guilty. However, Mr. Rurei was not there.

From the very beginning, Rurei said, “I was involved in the management of my husband’s company.

“I was not involved in the management of my husband’s company, and I had no knowledge of any of this,” she said.

She denied it completely. Before her arrest, however, she wrote in her book

We own about 50-50 shares in each other’s companies, and that is more certain than any division of property.

We have a partnership through the management of the company. From both of our points of view, that partnership is much more important than a piece of paper on our marriage certificate.

She confided.

Rurei owned 49% of her husband’s company and became a board member. At the time of her arrest, the Weekly Bunshun reported that profits were going to a company in Singapore.

Rurei and Kiyoshi’s office was in the same location and they “shared” staff. Even so, she claims to have no knowledge of her husband’s company.

According to the Access Journal newsletter, in March of this year, Rurei drove his BMW to the Tokyo Detention Center to meet with Kiyoshi, but only his daughter actually met with him, while Rurei waited on the first floor.

She had commented that she would “support her husband,” but with the possibility of jail time looming, she may have had a change of heart before the verdict. If she is found guilty and labeled as a “criminal’s wife,” it will definitely hinder her from appearing in the media. ……

Rurei’s announcement of “graduation as a married couple” was greeted with a number of comments on SNS and other social networking sites.

In the case of Rurei’s announcement of her “graduation as a married couple,” the following comments were made on social networking sites: “Am I right in saying that she divorced her husband so that she wouldn’t be involved in any trouble?

“I guess it means that when money runs out, you run out of karma.

Heh, your husband was incarcerated, wasn’t he? He’s pretty cold, isn’t he?

The “marriage” that she had spoken so loudly about was a “marriage” that was not a “marriage” at all.

It seems that the “partnership, which is much heavier than a marriage license,” which she had been boasting about, was easily broken before the harsh reality of her husband’s arrest.

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