Princess Kako of the Akishino Family Unveils Smile’s Behind-the-Scenes at Meiji Shrine Visit | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Princess Kako of the Akishino Family Unveils Smile’s Behind-the-Scenes at Meiji Shrine Visit

As the debate on the "stable succession to the throne" is finally about to get underway...

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On April 12, Kako, 29, the second daughter of the Akishino family, was seen at Meiji Shrine.

Kako walks along the cobblestones of Meiji Shrine. The pale mint green color was also a favorite of her older sister Mako, who often wore it.

The visit to the shrine coincided with the 110th anniversary of the death of Empress Dowager Shoken, Empress Kisaki of Emperor Meiji. People who were present called her ‘Kako-sama,’ and she was seen smiling and bailing.

Kako smiled during her visit to the shrine, but despite her expression, her “feelings must be complicated,” according to the above-mentioned reporter. This is because discussions aimed at ensuring a stable succession to the throne are expected to begin during the current Diet session.

It is believed that the debate will include a proposal to revise the Imperial Household Law so that the Queen and the Princess can remain members of the Imperial Family even after their marriage. At a round-table meeting within the Liberal Democratic Party, many expressed their understanding of this proposed change.

If this proposed change is adopted, the hurdle for Kako’s marriage will be raised. Yuji Odabe, professor emeritus at Shizuoka University of Welfare, explains.

I think that Kako, like her sister Mako Komuro (32), would like to get married and leave the Imperial Family. However, if the proposed changes are realized, marriage and leaving the Imperial Family would become unrelated. In addition, since Mako-san, potential marriage partners of members of the Imperial Family have come under close scrutiny. If this is a candidate for the husband of a woman who is still a member of the Imperial Family after marriage, I believe the scrutiny will become even harsher. There is a possibility that your partner will step out of line, and the hurdles to marriage will become higher.”

Will there ever come a day when Kako will be free from the restrictions and her feelings will be cleared up?

Kako and the second daughter of the Akishino family: “Behind the smile” shown at a visit to Meiji Shrine.

From the May 3 , 2024 issue of FRIDAY


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