Tiger and Wings,” a refreshing break for Taiga Nakano, whose straightforward portrayal of feminism has been well-received. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Tiger and Wings,” a refreshing break for Taiga Nakano, whose straightforward portrayal of feminism has been well-received.

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In ’21, he and Daiki Shigeoka of “WEST.” were on location for “#Family Wanted” (TBS). The scene was filled with laughter every time Nakano gave an NG (July 9, ’21 issue).

The morning drama “Tora ni Tsubasa” is doing very well.

This season’s morning drama is modeled on Japan’s first female lawyer. The main character, played by Sairi Ito (29), is a woman who shouts from the morning, “Marriage is a trap! and when a man makes a derogatory remark at her, she fights back by punching him with a cat punch. The strong feminist tone of the drama, which is not typical of morning dramas, has attracted strong interest, and viewer ratings are slowly increasing.

SNS has also been abuzz with excitement, with people who sympathize with the drama’s content posting long-winded comments one after another. Some of them even said, “Men, please stay out of this! Some of them even said, “Men, please stay out of this!” and were surprised to find that their comments received a surprising number of “I sympathize” buttons.

The characters other than the main character all have their own strong arguments and personalities, and their backgrounds and personalities are carefully depicted, which is one of the favorable factors.

Because of this, “Tora ni Tsubasa” can be said to have the potential to create a division between men and women. One of the refreshing refreshments in this situation is the presence of Taiga Nakano (31), who is playing the role of a young man who is in love with a woman.

Nakano plays Yuzo Sada, a student of Japanese calligraphy called “Yuzo-san,” who is staying at the protagonist’s house. He is a slightly disappointing young man who keeps failing the bar exam every year, and always has a somewhat pathetic air about him. He is always in a somewhat pathetic mood. What do you mean? and “What’s going on?” at Torako’s every turn, and his timid appearance has become a popular character because he is so cute.

This season’s morning dramas have been successful in their straightforward depiction of feminism. On the other hand, there are many viewers who say, “I support the show but sometimes it’s hard to watch it” because of the too straightforward depiction of female contempt. This is not only from female viewers but also from male viewers.

For this reason, the presence of Yuzo, who always has a goofy expression on his face and seems to be out of touch with discrimination and conflict, is valuable. I feel that he creates a sense of comicality and perfectly balances the extreme nature of morning dramas” (entertainment writer).

Nakano, who plays this Yuzo-san well, is apparently like Yuzo-san in real life as well.

When I first met her for the interview, I was surprised to see that she was exactly as I had seen her in the drama series. When I first met him, I was surprised to see that he was exactly as I had seen him in the drama series, even in his natural state. And when he said something funny, he would smile and laugh with a really happy smile on his face. I thought he would be loved by everyone.

There were many others who said they actually met Nakano and liked him. What is interesting, however, is that when asked by the writers who interviewed male actors other than Nakano, “Who is your good friend? they all mentioned Taiga Nakano’s name.

When I asked them, “What have you been enjoying lately? I asked them, “What have you been enjoying lately?” and they replied, “Going shopping with Taiga (……). I asked him, “Sauna. Taiga took me to …….’ If I asked him anything, he would tell me about Nakano-san’s name. Whenever I asked him what he was into, he would mention Mr. Nakano’s name.

He is a rather peculiar person who seems to have a select group of friends, as well as an actor who seems shy and doesn’t have many friends. That is why he has become famous among editors and writers, who say, ‘He must really be just like that and not make any enemies.

One writer specializing in the entertainment field commented on Nakano in the morning drama as follows.

Nakano is a very talented actor who, although not handsome, has emerged with his one-of-a-kind air and acting ability.’ In 26 years, he will be starring in an NHK Taiga Drama.

Right now, the narration is played out in a messy manner (laughs) with phrases such as “As you may have guessed, I failed the exam again” and “I don’t have to tell you, I failed ……,” and it ends with viewers laughing and saying, “Another narration failure wow,” but as long as the popular Nakano is playing the role, it is certain that Yuzo However, as long as he is played by the popular Nakano, there is no doubt that Yuzo will become an important presence in the future. I am very much looking forward to seeing what kind of performance he will give at that time.

It will be up to Yuzo and Nakano to spread their wings in the future.

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In ’19, this magazine reported a “sleepover love” with Aoi Morikawa. When they were walking side by side, Morikawa’s right hand was in Nakano’s left pants pocket (December 20, 2007 issue).
They picked up a cab while cuddling and went directly to Morikawa’s apartment (Dec. 20, ’19 issue).
One night, Shioli Kutsuna (front), Kaho (middle), and Nakano (October 2, 2008 issue) came out in single file from a hideaway cafe in Tokyo frequented by actors and stage people.
After leaving the cafe, the three went to a nearby shabu-shabu restaurant. Kaho left halfway through, but Nakano and Kutsuna had a good time for over two hours (October 2, ’20 issue).
At the launch of the December ’18 drama “Today I’m! (NTV) with Kentaro Ito at the launch of
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