Miho Nakayama’s unstoppable love affair with the world’s men, who are captivated by her half-nakedness and the crack of her buttocks, and also performs in a wet scene…. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Miho Nakayama’s unstoppable love affair with the world’s men, who are captivated by her half-nakedness and the crack of her buttocks, and also performs in a wet scene….

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Half-naked and butt crack that captivated the heart of Hollimon, a junior high school student.

Miho Nakayama is suddenly attracting a lot of attention: she made a splash in March when she appeared on “Celebrity Ratings Check BASIC – Spring 3 Hour Special” (TV Asahi), showing off her blonde hair and short shorts at the age of 54, and she is currently in the middle of her nationwide tour “Miho Nakayama Concert Tour 2024 – Deux-“. Nakayama is currently in the middle of a nationwide tour called “Miho Nakayama Concert Tour 2024 – Deux-” and is very active in her career.

Nakayama was born on March 1, 1970 in Tokyo. She was scouted in Harajuku, Tokyo, when she was in her first year of junior high school, and made her debut as an actress in the drama “Every time I am disturbed” (TBS) in 1985, while working as a model.

In this drama, which comically depicted the sexuality of junior high school students, Nakayama showed off her half-naked body and the crack of her buttocks, and quickly captured the hearts of boys her age.

Takafumi Horie, a.k.a. Holliemon, was one of them, saying, “I was shocked to see her real boobs on terrestrial TV as a junior high school student at the time. I wondered what city junior high school students were doing like this…. The fantasies of my virginity in rural Fukuoka grew endlessly” (Asahi Geino, December 3, 2009), he recalls the impact of that time.

Miho Nakayama, also known as a woman in love…(PHOTO:AFLO)

From idol to actress…

Later in 1985, she made her debut as a singer with “C,” the theme song of the drama series “Natsu/Experience Story” (TBS) in which she starred. The song, which coincided with the roles she had played and whose title evoked ABCs with the opposite sex, stimulated the fantasies of the boys of the world, and became a hit, selling 170,000 copies. It was followed by a string of hits, including “Tsuki-te-no-tte-no-tte” (1986), “WAKU WAKU let me” (1987), “CATCH ME” (1987), and Nakayama’s best-known single, “More than anyone else in the world” (1991) under the name of Miho Nakayama & WANDS. Kitto” in 1991, which became one of Nakayama’s most popular songs. She also established herself as a singer.

Although Nakayama gained popularity as an idol, she appeared in trendy dramas such as “Sutekina Katasoi” (1990) and “Aitai Tokimoni Kimi ga Harenai…” (1991) (both Fuji Television), and her reputation as an actress gradually grew. Her reputation as an actress gradually rose. A major turning point came in 1995 with the film “Love Letter,” directed by Shunji Iwai. Nakayama won the Blue Ribbon Award, the Hochi Film Award, and other awards for Best Actress for this film. This film marked a major shift in her image from idol to actress.

In 1998, she co-starred in the drama “Sleeping Beauty” (Fuji TV) with Takuya Kimura, which recorded the highest viewer rating of 30.8% and was ranked No. 1 in “an-an” magazine’s “Readers’ Choice Favorite Woman” ranking. She entered her peak period as an actress.

A Woman in Love…Married in Paris

Nakayama, who rose from idol to a major actress, is also known as a woman in love. She is just very infatuated. She is very infatuated and gets carried away easily and gets carried away by herself. Is she in love with herself, or is she intoxicated by the fact that she is being pushed around by men? ・・・・ (Asagei, October 23, 2002 issue)), so many relationships have been reported.

Starting with Toshihiko Tahara, who was reportedly on the verge of marriage, she was also reported to be dating a composer and a stylist, but all of them broke up. Then, in 2001, while starring in the film “Sayonara Itsuka,” she met Hitonari Tsuji, the author of the original novel, and just seven months later, they got married quickly.

The marriage was sudden and unexpected, and was reported in the July 25, 2002 issue of Shukan Shincho as “Miho Nakayama’s sudden marriage threatened to ban her from the entertainment industry” (July 25, 2002 issue). This may have been a factor in the postponement of the production of the movie “Sayonara Itsuka” (to be released in 2010), which caused an uproar. Nakayama and Tsuji moved to Paris, France, and began to cut back on their entertainment activities after the marriage, although they may not have escaped the turmoil.

Living in Paris…

In 2004, she gave birth to her first son in Paris. While she was busy raising her child as a mother, “I enjoyed browsing through grocery stores and taking breaks in quiet parks. I enjoy making small discoveries” (LEE, April ’11 issue).

However, her life in Paris came to an end in 2002. The divorce was caused by “Nakayama confessing in her heart that her husband’s ‘neutralization’ was ‘one of the causes'” (Shukan Bunshun, April 10, 2002 issue) and “Nakayama’s infidelity after falling for Shibuya (* musician Shibuya Keiichiro) seems to have been the decisive cause of their divorce” (Shukan Jitsuwa, April 10, 2002 issue). (Shukan Jitsuwa, November 13, 2002 issue), again highlighting Nakayama’s romantic nature.

In her book “Because There Was a Friendly Town,” she says, “Many of my love affairs from adolescence were a kind of flirtation with seeking a father.” Perhaps for Nakayama, who grew up in a complicated environment that included her parents’ divorce and being sent to live with her uncle during her childhood, love was a way of seeking a lover and a father at the same time. Matsuko Deluxe also commented, “Mipolin has always been a bit off in her choice of men. And the end result was her marriage to Hitonari Tsuji (48* at the time)” (EX Mass April ’08 issue).

After her return, her “daring wet scene” became the talk of the town…

After the divorce, Tsuji had custody of their son and Nakayama returned to Japan to raise him as a single father. After that, she appeared in the dramas “Platonic” (NHK BS) in 2002 and “The Wise Man’s Love” (WOWOW) in 2004, in which she played a daring wet scene, and gradually became more active in other one-off dramas and guest appearances.

Eventually, as she says, “Ever since I returned to Japan, music has been what I have always wanted to do” (Bi-ST, April 2008 issue), she released her first album in 20 years in 2007, and in 2008, she released her first album in 20 years. On her 50th birthday on March 1, 2008, she planned her first solo live concert in about 20 years (cancelled due to the spread of the new coronavirus), released her best album, and in 2011, embarked on a nationwide tour, thus making a major shift in her musical activities.

During the current national tour, he says, “During the performance, there will be a corner where everyone will sing ‘Surely More Than Anyone in the World’! Please come and memorize the lyrics! Please memorize the lyrics! Please make the concert more exciting with your ‘voice'” (Miho Nakayama official website), and it seems that the old fans are also getting excited.

In the past, the aforementioned Horie was asked, “Even though her singing ability is not so good, her unique voice touches everyone’s heartstrings” (Asahi Geino, December 3, 2009 issue), and Matsuko Deluxe, who lived in the same apartment as Nakayama, was also asked, “Mipolin definitely had value as an actress. Mipolin definitely had value as an actress. However, if only she didn’t sing. Anyway, her singing is terrible” (EX MASS April ’08 issue). However, her songs and singing voice are still sought after by many fans.

  • Interview and text by Diesuke Takahashi

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