‘Dreaming bloody dreams every night’… Accuser of sexual assault, Midori Suiren, ‘I was a student who became aphasic about the graphic reality of men’. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

‘Dreaming bloody dreams every night’… Accuser of sexual assault, Midori Suiren, ‘I was a student who became aphasic about the graphic reality of men’.

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Ms. Suiren spoke in detail about her sexual victimization. At a bar in Tokyo where her own photos were displayed as a gallery.

She dreams every night. It is a terrifying dream.

It is a bloody dream. I have a dream of stabbing an older man to death with a knife, and 20 naked bodies of myself lined up on the cold floor. …… I have nightmares every night, so I’m used to them and don’t find them scary anymore. It’s just the feeling of waking up that is extremely unpleasant.”

Her name is Midori Waterlily, 36.’ She is the actress who, in April 2010, accused under her own name of sexual assault by Hideo Sakaki, a film director who was later arrested and indicted. She is also active as a writer. Ms. Suiren, who says she has been plagued by nightmares since the rape case, should not be reduced to “one victim. We would like to introduce her life story, in her own words, which reveals the stagnant emotions of many Japanese men and the ugly side of society.

She attended an all-girls missionary school in Kanagawa Prefecture.

It was what you might call a “young lady’s school,” where the students greeted each other with “Goggenyo yo. The school rules were strict, but because it was all girls, we were able to let loose and not worry about the eyes of the opposite sex.

After graduation, Suiren entered Waseda University’s Second Department of Literature. At first, she had aspirations to become a novelist or an editor, and even wrote some works. However, after entering the school, she began to suffer from severe conflicts.

My instructor told me, ‘You are suited for a writing job,’ and even took me to a party attended by famous writers. At first I was happy because I felt like I was being treated specially, but gradually I began to suffer. I have had much older writers ask me to ‘go out for a drink’ and ask me to have a relationship with them beyond that. …… I couldn’t come to terms with the raw reality of men. Then one day, I lost my words. I have aphasia, a condition that prevents me from speaking well in public.

If you go out with me, you’ll get a job.”

In the midst of his disappointment, he met the entertainment industry, which he auditioned for and entered.

While I was thinking about doing something completely different from novels, I happened to see information about auditions for gravure in a magazine I happened to have in my hand. I thought I might be able to get my words back through physical expression through acting.”

What she experienced was the murky reality of the entertainment industry.

More than once, I was told by producers and office managers, ‘If you go out with me, you’ll get a job. Men are ‘respectable uncles’ in society. At that time, there was no awareness of sexual harassment. I was worn out mentally, thinking that I had to accept it because this was the norm in the entertainment industry.

In the midst of these days of suffering, Ms. Suiren met Mr. Sakaki, a film director who would later become a victim of sexual harassment.

In the paid version of “FRIDAY GOLD,” Ms. Suiren reported in detail on the sexual abuse by Mr. Sakaki, which still haunts her nightmares to this day. It also examines the problems of Japanese society based on the damage Suiren suffered. It also includes rare and treasured photos of Ms. Suiren as a student.

Click here for the paid version of “FRIDAY GOLD” ↓↓ Click here for the paid version of “FRIDAY GOLD

At a bar in Tokyo where her photo is displayed
Waterlily says, “I don’t want to end up as a victim.
The interview lasted over an hour.
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