Scoop! Former Japanese national team soccer player Hisato Sato “adulterous love” by kissing and holding hands with a younger therapist. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Scoop! Former Japanese national team soccer player Hisato Sato “adulterous love” by kissing and holding hands with a younger therapist.

The legendary soccer player who holds the record for most goals in the J-League is known for his loving wife and children. However, he left his family in Hiroshima and has been enjoying "secret dates" with beautiful women in Tokyo since last year.

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After coming out of Sato’s house, they went shopping at a drugstore. The distance between the two as they leave the store suggests an intimate relationship

Hey~. Do you have something on your mouth?”

A man peeks into the face of the woman with such a sweet expression on her face. The two looked at each other and smiled, wondering if there was anything on each other. Walking hand in hand down a deserted alleyway, the two men lock lips with each other.

It was a weekend in mid-April. The man immersed in a “private world” in Shinbashi (Minato Ward), Tokyo, a place crowded with salarymen, was Hisato Sato, 42, a former member of the Japanese national soccer team. He was wearing black top and bottom and sunglasses, perhaps as a disguise.

Sato is a legendary striker who played for Japan’s national team, scoring a total of 220 goals in the J-League and holding the record for most goals in a single season. Since his retirement in 2008, he has been active as a commentator and holds soccer schools in various locations. He is also known as a loving wife and father of many children. He married his wife at the age of 21, whom he met shortly after his debut as a professional soccer player. He has a house in Hiroshima City and is blessed with three sons. All three of them are pursuing careers in soccer, following in the footsteps of their great father,” said a member of the Japan Football Association.

However, the person standing next to Sato that day was not his wife of more than 20 years. Who was she with?

The other party was Ms. A, an ordinary woman in her 30s who works as a therapist. She is a beautiful woman with a cute smile and looks like Haru, an actress. In fact, Ms. A and Sato have been having an affair for a year,” said an acquaintance of Sato.

Sato, who does a lot of work in Tokyo such as commentary and TV appearances, is currently working alone. On the day in question, he visited Ms. A’s apartment in her car, parked the car in the parking lot with a familiar hand, and they went out together into the night.

They enjoyed dinner at an Italian restaurant in Shimbashi for about an hour starting at 7:30 p.m. On the way home, they were in a lovey-dovey mood, as shown at the beginning of this article. Even though they were disguised with sunglasses, they were bold enough not to let go of Ms. A’s hand even for a single moment on the main street. After the first kiss in the alley, they kissed while searching for the second restaurant. When he kissed her again, she turned her head and kissed him again. After the “hat trick of kissing on the street,” they went into Ms. A’s apartment without stopping at the second house. Sato did not return home after the last train that day.

The April 26 issue of “FRIDAY May 10 and 17” and the paid version of “FRIDAY GOLD” report in detail the circumstances of their meeting and the direct interview with Sato, and also publish a number of photos.

For more details and multiple photos, click here↓.

The two heading to an Italian restaurant. They didn’t let go of each other’s hands on the way, as if they didn’t care about the eyes of those around them.
In 2003, he tied the record for most goals scored in J1 at the time, 157, and held up a commemorative uniform. His achievement is one of the best of all time. ……
From Hisato Sato’s Instagram
From Hisato Sato’s Instagram
From Hisato Sato’s Instagram
From Hisato Sato’s Instagram
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