Haruka Nishimoto, former Pirate who became a dental assistant: “At the time, I did the ‘dachu-no’ pose 100 times a day. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Haruka Nishimoto, former Pirate who became a dental assistant: “At the time, I did the ‘dachu-no’ pose 100 times a day.

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He made his debut in 1997 and got his big break in “Vocabulary Heaven”!
She is now working as a dental assistant.

She has been bathing for less than an hour every day since she was a teenager to maintain her body proportions, and her beauty, which she continues to maintain even in her 40s, has become a hot topic on social networking sites.

Recently, I’ve been working as a dental assistant. This year will be my sixth year! I would like to increase my entertainment activities little by little from now on.

Haruka Nishimoto (46) of the former popular comedy duo “Pirates,” formed with Yoshimi Asada (44) in 1997, answers with a slightly embarrassed expression.

After passing an audition for the variety show “Bokyabura Tengoku” (Fuji Television) broadcast from ’92 to ’99, they won the right to appear on the show, and their one-shot gag, “Dattechu no,” a sexy pose in which they hold their breasts between their arms, became their big hit. ‘ In 1998, she took the world by storm, winning the “Ryu-Yougo Taisho” award. At the time, they attracted public attention as a new duo that combined gravure and comedy, but she revealed that she had mixed feelings about it.

I wanted to be an actress when I entered the industry, so when I formed the duo, I was confused about my position in the gravure and comedy genres,” she said. But I was still around high school age, and I couldn’t say anything. …… I also had a hope that if I could sell my name, I might become an actress.”

However, despite her confusion, her work as a comedian increased rapidly after her appearance on the show. There was a time when she almost had a mental breakdown.

I was really busy at the time. It was normal to record three to four shows a day, and I only had one day off a month. I would have one day off a month. No matter where I went, I was instructed to do the “dachu-no” pose, and at times I did it more than 100 times a day, even hurting my back. I was so busy that I lost track of what I was doing, and it was hard.”

He also recalls that the sales methods used in those days were “special” in the case of “Pirates.

For example, if we had a 30-minute slot, we would perform a comic or a skit, but we were different. For example, if we had a 30-minute slot, everyone would do several pieces of material, but we didn’t have any material (laughs).

So, we would sing and dance to “Pink Lady” for about 20 minutes. …… For the remaining 10 minutes, we would use the scripts that the scriptwriters gave us and somehow get by. They made me sing, dance, and do other idol-like things, and I even cried to my manager, saying, ‘I want to quit.

After several years of busy times and differences in direction with Asada, “Pirates” disbanded in ’01. After that, she focused on acting and gravure, but her media exposure gradually decreased.

At the age of 35, my work had decreased considerably from its peak, so I decided to save my entertainment activities in anticipation of marrying the boyfriend I was dating. He was a businessman in the real estate and recycling business, and I was helping him with his “estate liquidation” business. We were going to get married, but in the end we parted ways.

Nishimoto broke up with her before she turned 40. However, thanks to the time she spent with her boyfriend, she says she underwent significant changes.

Before I helped my boyfriend with his work, I had only experienced working in the entertainment industry, so it was refreshing to work as an estate agent, where I was thanked directly by someone. When I was 40 years old, I happened to register on an online job site and received an offer to work as a dental assistant, and that’s when I started working.

What was the decisive factor in her first TV appearance in eight years?

I was getting used to my current job, but I really wanted to meet the “Vocabulary” members. At the time, I was taken out to dinner by Jun Nagura (55) and Daisho Kosaka (50), so I missed them. I was nervous about appearing on TV for the first time in a long time, but everyone was so sparkling, and I thought once again that TV is great.

After her TV appearance, her photo book, which was released 11 years ago, returned to No. 1 on the best-selling list. Her sexy style and good looks, which have not changed since then, drew a huge response.

I never expected that a photo book I released when I was 33 years old would be talked about so much after all these years. Moreover, it was my first hair nude collection, and in many ways it holds a lot of memories for me, so I was more embarrassed than happy.

Nishimoto, who entered the entertainment industry as a teenager, will turn 46 this year. I asked her about her goals in her personal life.

I want to get married (laughs). I recently broke up with my partner, so I am currently looking for one. Before Corona, I used to go to parties and go out drinking, but now it’s all gone and I haven’t met anyone at all. It’s a little scary, but I’m not sure if I should try marriage activity apps (laughs).”

The popular man who once enjoyed a major breakthrough has been leading a quiet life in seclusion.

He recalls the time, “I don’t know how to do it. (Laughs)” He remembers those days as he strikes the “Dachu-no” pose.
Haruka Nishimoto, former Pirate, doing “Dakchu-no” pose 100 times a day in those days.
Unpublished cuts from the magazine Haruka Nishimoto, former Pirate, posing “Dakchu-no” 100 times a day in those days
Unpublished photo of Haruka Nishimoto, former Pirate, posing 100 times a day in those days

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