Next to a woman” is trending… and former plus-minus Iwahashi also refuted the pros and cons of “men who dare to sit next to a woman”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Next to a woman” is trending… and former plus-minus Iwahashi also refuted the pros and cons of “men who dare to sit next to a woman”.

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In the “enclosed space” of a train, even the slightest thing can cause trouble. …… (Photo is an image only)

On April 22, “next to a woman” started trending on X. What does this mean? What is this all about? ……

It all started on April 19, when a woman posted a controversial photo of herself on X. The woman said, “I’m not sure I want to be next to a woman. The woman said, “Why are you standing diagonally in front of me (next to a man)?

Why are you sitting here when there is an opening diagonally in front of you (next to the man)? I have a carry-on and my feet are like this.

Men really are gross.

The woman was sitting on a train with two seats next to each other, and her suitcase was placed in front of her feet. Her legs are so cramped that they stick out a little bit into the seat next to her.

It was in this state that the man sat down next to her. And at the back of the posted photo, another man is sitting cross-legged and spacious, and the seat next to him is empty.

The woman complains that the man should sit next to the empty seat instead of bothering to sit next to her with her suitcase.

This post has been viewed 130 million times (as of the 22nd).

More recently, the post by Hitoshi Matsumoto of the comedy duo “Downtown,” who issued a statement for the first time since his suspension due to the March 25 uproar, has been viewed 100 million times (as of March 22). The fact that it has been viewed 30 million times more than that shows how much attention it has received.

Former “Plus Minus” member Yoshimasa Iwahashi responded to this post.

The guy in front of me is big, he has his legs crossed, I don’t want to get in trouble, it’s too tight, and there’s space here, so “you’re scary, don’t you dare” is an exaggeration.

In response to Iwahashi’s post.

It’s not a space for you.

When another user said, “It’s not a space for you,” Iwahashi responded.

What about? It’s a space for people to sit.

The “off-the-cuff brawl” ensued, with Iwahashi responding, “It’s a space for people to sit.

The woman whose post attracted a lot of attention received a lot of comments from other users, such as

You should put your luggage on the shelf.

The woman’s post attracted a great deal of attention, and some other users said that she should put her luggage on the shelf. However, the woman said

I can’t lift it, it’s too heavy.

and explained the reason why. The man even went out of his way to sit next to her, even though there were many empty seats.

Another user’s post trended.

I’m a little afraid to say this, but to be honest, I’m more grateful to be next to a woman on the train because the seat next to a woman is bigger. I’m a little afraid to say this, but to be honest, I prefer to sit next to a woman on the train.

This was also discussed.

This was also discussed.

I pray a lot. I pray a lot, “Please don’t let a big guy come next to me. ……

I want to keep my distance from the man sitting next to me, so I close the door a little and he comes a little closer to me. It’s the same for women who don’t want to touch shoulders… 》

The more disgusting looking people are, the more they come.

It seems that everyone has their own thoughts on the train.

On the 21st, an article on Tokai TV titled “‘Smelling’ is not regulated by law… A new method of ‘molesters who don’t touch’ is rapidly increasing. The article, “Railway Police Investigations Struggle with New Method of “Non-Touching Molestation”,” appeared on Yahoo!

Many people may feel pain in crowded trains, where they are forced to make excessive contact with others. The fact that “next to a woman” is trending shows how many people are distrustful and uncomfortable with men on a daily basis,” said a reporter for a women’s magazine.

(Women’s magazine reporter) Why are men so uncomfortable with women, even without being molested? …… The time may soon come when men will be confined to “men-only” cars.

The topic of this post has been viewed more than 130 million times on X. Next to a woman” has been trending on …… (from X).
Former “Plus Minus” Iwahashi posted about “next to women. The post was controversial, but ……

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