Haruna Kondo of “Harisenbon”…Regular on a local station from April…Some say she has “dropped out of the city”, but she is “starting to get a chance”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Haruna Kondo of “Harisenbon”…Regular on a local station from April…Some say she has “dropped out of the city”, but she is “starting to get a chance”.

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A direct interview with Haruna Kondo of “Harisenbon” at the time of the Yoshimoto Kogyo exit scandal (January 29, ’21 issue)

On April 9, a new regular program “Jimochannel,” in which the two members of “Harisenbon” serve as MCs, began airing.

This program, the first local program by TNC TV Nishinippon, a Fuji Television affiliate in Fukuoka, to appear in prime time in 15 years, is said to be much talked about in the local community.

The program “introduces local specialties in Fukuoka Prefecture and unravels local wonders and various questions about the area through location shooting. The show has been widely covered on the Internet news because Michiko Kichise, who is from Fukuoka Prefecture, is also the MC.

Speaking of Haruna Kondo, she and Koji Kato, who was the MC of the morning information program “Sukkiri” (Nippon Television Network Corporation), where she was a sub-MC, accused Yoshimoto Kogyo of having a “dark business problem. As a result, Yoshimoto terminated their management contracts and placed them under agent contracts. Later, both of them were terminated from their agent contracts.’ Sukkiri,” which ran for 17 years until March 2011, was also terminated.

They denied it, but Yoshimoto’s anger was considerable. Everyone thought that there would be no blame attached to the show.

As a result, after “Sukkiri” ended, Haruna made guest appearances on variety shows, but only two regular programs, the NHK talk show “Dosta” and “Ningen Observation Variety Monitoring” (TBS). It was a sad state of affairs, since she was the number one female in the ranking of the number of appearances on TV programs in 20 years. …… It seems that she has finally found a regular role here. However, like Kichise, she has not been the talk of the town, and some on SNS have commented that she has ‘finally fallen out of the capital’ in light of Kondo’s former success. That said, there is no reason to be pessimistic.

As far as I could tell from the first broadcast, the two members of Harisenbon were as witty and funny as ever,” he said. They were as sharp as ever, and I don’t think there is anything to be disappointed about just because it is a local program.

Says an employee of a Kyushu TV station.

Now, even local stations are producing high quality and interesting programs, such as “Human Commentary Omo Umai Ten” (NTV) produced by Chukyo Television. Osaka and Kyushu are also doing well these days. Even though budgets are small, many staff members are proud to be TV people, and there are many affiliate stations that are not beholden to the key stations or entertainment agencies, but rather are taking their own unique path. It is a common story that local talents who are nurtured through local programs become popular and advance to the center of the country. Do not underestimate local stations.

Harisenbon’s partner Haru Minowa also left Yoshimoto at the end of last year, and this year they both moved to an entertainment agency established by Becky’s manager. There have been countless comedians who, despite being popular performers at Yoshimoto Kogyo, completely stopped appearing on terrestrial television as soon as they quit the company.

Hiroyuki Miyasako and Atsuhiko Nakata of Oriental Radio have found their way to YouTube, but Haruna Kondo may have chosen to make a fresh start from the provinces, focusing mainly on terrestrial broadcasting,” said a person involved in variety shows at a key station.

It is unfortunate that fans living outside Kyushu will not be able to watch the show, but “Jimochannel” may be a suitable program for a fresh start for the new “Harisenbon”.

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On her birthday in March ’20, she was joined by Keirina Maruyama (left), Karen Takizawa (center), and former “Nogizaka46” member Nanase Nishino.
Independence of “Oriental Radio,” a close friend of the group, said he was inspired by the new things they were doing.
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