Miki Nakatani enjoys her holidays after working hard in Japan! Miki Nakatani’s “star aura” leaks out even when she is shopping! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Miki Nakatani enjoys her holidays after working hard in Japan! Miki Nakatani’s “star aura” leaks out even when she is shopping!

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Miki Nakatani flashes a bouncy smile at a store clerk.

Around 3:00 p.m. in late March, a woman was walking through a shopping mall in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo, in a unique fashion. She was actor Miki Nakatani (48).

She was wearing a Borsalino and trench coat, looking like a Hollywood star from the 1950s, and was quite conspicuous, with people looking back as she passed by. Nakatani was walking happily chatting and laughing with a woman who was carrying a large shopping bag under both arms.

She was shopping at a fashion brand popular among women. She purchased two large shopping bags worth of items and was talking to the sales clerk who was carrying them for her with a bouncing smile like a little girl,” said a customer who was there.

Nakatani, who married German viola player Thilo Fechner in 2006, spends half the year living in Salzburg, Austria. Last March, she traveled to New York for two months on her own.

The reason for the trip was an off-Broadway performance of “The Hunting Gun,” a play that Nakatani premiered in 2011 and won the Kinokuniya Theatre Award for Individual Achievement and the Yomiuri Theatre Grand Prize for Outstanding Performance by an Actress. The play, which was performed by just the two of them with world-renowned ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov (76), became a big hit in New York” (editor of a theater magazine).

Nakatani has been extremely busy, starring in the drama series “One Day” (Fuji TV) in October last year, the first time in four years that she has starred in a commercial TV drama series. In an interview with “OurAge” (November 15, 2011), she talked about her life in Japan,

I try to maintain a good work-life balance so that I don’t work too much. However, while I am in Japan, I feel as if I am working hard. Even on my days off, I am busy reading scripts and doing this and that.

I’m busy reading scripts and doing this and that even on my days off. Perhaps she was off work for a long time. Perhaps she was having a good time shopping, which made her face break out in a smile.

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Miki Nakatani happily chatting with a store employee holding a bag containing a large quantity of purchased items.
Miki Nakatani at the opening preview event of “Dior Holiday Pop-up” in Omotesando, Tokyo (November ’23).
A close-up of Miki Nakatani (her Instagram @mikinakatanioffiziell)
With her husband, viola player Thilo Fechner (her Instagram @mikinakatanioffiziell)
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