Harassment of CAs, intimidating behavior toward staff…Exclusive direct interview with Upper House Councilor Gaku Hasegawa! Is he thinking of resigning? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Harassment of CAs, intimidating behavior toward staff…Exclusive direct interview with Upper House Councilor Gaku Hasegawa! Is he thinking of resigning?

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Upon spotting the FRIDAY reporter, Hasegawa’s eyes widened. He quickly got into a black pickup truck and left his home.

As for the late arrival, he complained in a manner as if he was the devil’s advocate.

The arrogant attitude toward airline CAs was exposed by Kichikuzo (71), which led to the outbreak of …… LDP Upper House Representative Takeshi Hasegawa (53) is now under fire.

‘In response to the uproar, the Hokkaido Government investigated and found that senior Hokkaido government officials had traveled to Sapporo 62 times in the last fiscal year alone to brief Hasegawa on decarbonization and other issues. Over personnel matters at the City of Sapporo, he said, ‘No thanks! (Who the hell are you? It is impossible to deny that he is a member of the power harassment council.

Hasegawa’s disposition toward harassment was well known in Hokkaido.

A local political insider said.

He has been accused of a number of other crimes, including pressuring a citizens’ group to postpone a symposium and replacing the head of the Sapporo City Office in Tokyo within a few months. In Hokkaido, there are voices, mainly from the political and business world, saying, “This has finally come to light.

Hasegawa’s “problematic behavior” is not limited to his intimidating words and actions; FRIDAY reported in its March 20, 2008 issue about his alleged affair at the COVID-19 crisis. Despite the fact that a woman who had dinner with him was seen visiting Hasegawa’s apartment several times, he asked FRIDAY, “Is (the woman) staying in my room? If you have any proof that she has been inside my room, I would like to see it,” Hasegawa retorted.

His qualifications as a politician are now in question, but how will Mr. Hasegawa take responsibility for the series of disturbances?

As Hasegawa left his Tokyo home for the Diet, FRIDAY asked him, “Are you thinking of resigning over the power harassment scandal?” He only took one look at the reporter and said, “Yes? He took one look at the reporter and got into the car to take him home.

Political analyst Atsuo Ito, a former LDP headquarters staffer, was also taken aback.

He is a typical example of the kind of person who, once he wears the badge and is called “sensei,” or “teacher,” sometimes mistakenly thinks he is a privileged member of the Diet. I don’t understand this warped mentality of wanting to show off his power to others.”

In his blog, Mr. Hasegawa wrote, “I realized that my way of expressing myself is not in line with the times. I will henceforth change my way of expression to one that is more in line with the times,” he said in an off-hand excuse. Later, when interviewed by the local Hokkaido media, he maintained the same stance.

Despite the numerous allegations that have been made against him, Hasegawa has refused to listen to them. Will he ever change his “fundamental attitude” as well as his “way of expression?

The following is an exclusive interview with Upper House Councilor Takeshi Hasegawa, a member of the House of Councilors! Are you thinking of resigning?

From the May 3, 2024 issue of FRIDAY

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