A ball player of a regular Koshien school… A 15-year-old girl ordered expensive champagne even after prostituting herself to a “vicious host” with cunning criminal tactics. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A ball player of a regular Koshien school… A 15-year-old girl ordered expensive champagne even after prostituting herself to a “vicious host” with cunning criminal tactics.

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Suspect Inaba being transferred to Shinjuku Police Station

Inaba said, “No matter what I said, he affirmed everything I did. He was the first person like that, and I wanted to spend more time with him.”

The life of a 15-year-old girl who had said these words was ruined by the hands of a malicious host.

By April 10, the Juvenile Development Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department arrested Yuya Inaba, 22, a university student and employee of the “World Over” host club in Kabukicho, Shinjuku, on suspicion of violating the Entertainment Business Act by allowing a girl to enter a host club and drink alcohol while knowing she was under 18 years old.

The suspect approached a girl who had come to “To-Yoko Plaza” in Kabukicho, Shinjuku, with her friends during spring break last March, just before entering high school. Thinking that she would be wary of him if he called himself a host, the suspect Inaba seduced the girl under the guise of picking up girls.

He tried to take her to his restaurant, but the girl said, ‘I don’t have an identification card because I am a minor. When the girl said, ‘I don’t have an ID card because I’m underage and I can’t drink alcohol,’ he told her that it would be okay if she said she was 18 years old, and forced her to enter the store.

The month after her first visit, Inaba sent the girl a message saying, “It’s been a while since I’ve seen you,” and invited her back to the store.

Inaba whispered sweet words in the girl’s ear, “I’ll be with you for the rest of my life, and when I turn 18, I’ll quit being a host too. When she turned 18, he whispered sweet words in her ear and seduced her. When the girl began to contribute money, he asked her to fill the bottle with champagne because he was going to win the competition for the store’s newcomer, and he made her order original champagne priced at 3 million yen per bottle and a champagne tower that cost about 1 million yen per visit.

In the end, the girl went to the store 10 times during the three and a half months after her first visit and paid a total of 6 million yen. In addition, she owed 1 million yen in accounts receivable.

The girl used credit cards her mother had given her and her grandmother’s savings account book to pay the bills, but when she ran out of money, she took something of value from her home and sold it. When he ran out of money, he would take money from his house and sell it. For the money he still didn’t have, he would play stand-up games in the Okubo Park area or recruit prostitutes on social networking sites to earn money, which he would then spend on Inaba.

She worked at a host club under the name “Renji.

In February of this year, a mother noticed something unusual about her daughter and contacted the Shinjuku Juvenile Center, saying, “My daughter is seeing a host and is being asked to pay a lot of money. She is being forced into prostitution,” and consulted the Shinjuku Juvenile Center. The damage was discovered.

The girl told the police, “I was happy that he was pleased when I spent a lot of money at the store and treated me like a princess. However, if I didn’t spend money, he wouldn’t be nice to me, so I gradually lost romantic feelings for him and started to cool down,’ she said. Now he has regained his composure and says, ‘In the end, I realized that I was just a money-grubber in a relationship between a host and a customer. I can’t forgive him for mind-controlling me and using me to increase sales.’ He is angry with Inaba.

Evidence was seized from the host club where the suspect Inaba works.

Inaba, the suspect who incited the romantic feelings of an underage girl and swindled her out of her money, was once a powerful schoolteacher. He was once the captain of the baseball team of a strong school.

Inaba is from Komadai Tomakomaki High School in Hokkaido, a powerful high school baseball team, where he captained the team from his sophomore year and led them to the Hokkaido Spring Tournament championship in his junior year. The coach said Inaba “takes good care of his juniors” and selected him as the team captain. He had a good reputation on the team as ‘the type who gets along with everyone.

A sportsman who ran around the ground in the spirit of fair play has fallen into the hands of a vicious host.

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