Crush him! Don’t provoke him!” The “ordeal” that befell DeNA’s super rookie, Takateru Tokai. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Crush him! Don’t provoke him!” The “ordeal” that befell DeNA’s super rookie, Takateru Tokai.

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Responding to the fans’ cheers with all his might during his hero interview.

DeNA’s first-round draft pick, Takateru Tokai (21), has become a household name with his bright, positive character. It is widely known that he is a father and son hawk, having participated in the Koshien (the National High School Baseball Championship) twice at Yokohama High School, and having worked for ENEOS, a prestigious baseball team for working adults, before turning pro. A baseball team official explains his hair-raising career as a baseball player.

His father, Hirofumi, was a by-the-book player for Yakult in the days led by Katsuya Nomura, and at one time was the team’s public relations manager. He is known to have a wide range of contacts among players, behind the scenes, and the media. Having grown up surrounded by baseball people from an early age, Toei Jr. is a polite player who still expresses his gratitude to the main players of the day at the Jingu Stadium clubhouse for the affection they showed him. On the other hand, he has a strong desire to get out in front and likes to put on a showy professional performance. He was so conspicuous from the open game that even within the team there were people who smothered him.

Tokai was also a starter in the opening game, and he was able to get a starting spot for the season opener. The “incident” occurred in the second game of the season opener against Hiroshima.

He hit his first arch in his first at bat in the first game of the season, and he repeatedly popped his fist in the air, exploding with joy. The Hiroshima bench was there to see it. The next game, the second game, the Carp’s starter was left-handed pitcher Takumi Kurohara (24). When he faced the top batter, Takumi Toei, he threw a ball near his face, which resulted in his being ejected from the game for dangerous pitching. Of course, it was not an intentional hit, but there were some who said, “Well done. ……” (Bay Stars reporter)

It is hard to believe that they would praise a dead ball that could have caused serious injury to a golden rookie, but …… a team official followed up with this.

He was hitting it hard in the open game. I expected him to get hit hard on the inside corner. But then he came out with that big gut-pose and performance, so it just poured fuel on the fire. The first thing to do is to make sure that you have the right tools and the right people to help you. The first thing to do is to make sure that you have a good time. After Kurohara was hit by a dead ball, Toei looked at the Hiroshima players who had gathered in the infield. The Hiroshima players saw it as “you’re a rookie!

Incidentally, Tokai’s teammates and family have warned him not to get too carried away and to refrain from provoking his opponents, but he seems to have no qualms about it. He seems to believe that in order to be successful in the demanding professional world, you have to stay upbeat and positive no matter what. He’s a big boy.”

Although his performance since the opening day of the season has not been as overwhelming as it was in the opening rounds, and he has been baptized by the pros, there is no doubt that he is a future star candidate. I hope he can overcome the headwinds and become a popular figure that everyone recognizes. ……!

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