Yakult Player Calls Out Carp’s Yelling General Masaya Yano in Shocking Encounter | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yakult Player Calls Out Carp’s Yelling General Masaya Yano in Shocking Encounter

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This season, he is showing growth in his hitting, which has been a problem for him.

Hiroshima’s Masaya Yano (25) is securing the starting shortstop position this season with his wide defensive range and sure hitting.

“With his talent and strong arm, he has become a presence that even the master Ryosuke Kikuchi (34), who has won the Golden Glove Award for 10 consecutive years, respects. The team has high expectations, saying, ‘If he improves his hitting, shortstop will be secure for the next 10 years,'” said a sports newspaper desk.

Yano joined Hiroshima in the sixth round of the 2020 draft from Hyogo Ikuei High School, via Asia University. Although he had no experience at Koshien, his potential blossomed during his university days. He even won the batting title in the Tohto University Baseball League. Yano is also valued as the “Yaji General” by manager Takahiro Arai (47) and head coach Akihito Fujii (47).

Always cheering on his teammates from the bench and sometimes taunting opposing batters to apply pressure. This is the important work of the Yaji General. However, it seems Yano may have gone a little too far..It’s reported that players from opposing teams couldn’t stand it and confronted him.

“Before a game, he called out to Yakult outfielder A during practice, saying, ‘Hey, show me your face. Come over here!’ A shot back, ‘Cut the attitude already!’ in a stern voice. This incident immediately caught the attention of both teams’ personnel, and it seems they settled things privately. But Yano, who was unexpectedly called out, is said to be furious. Watch out for this season’s Hiroshima vs. Yakult game. There’s a potential for unexpected trouble to escalate into a brawl,” said a Hiroshima Carp insider.

It’s not uncommon for young warriors to get cocky, but what’s surprising is A’s “inappropriate” behavior, like a Showa-era Yankee, calling Yano out and giving him a stern rebuke backstage.

“A was proud, saying, ‘I showed him!’ But what’s the point of causing unnecessary trouble from the beginning of the season? Manager Arai is gentle, so things have been settled peacefully, but if it were a tough manager like Senichi Hoshino in the old days, A might have faced persistent inside pitches,” said a team official.

We hope to see Yano continue to show his fighting spirit both on and off the field.

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