Concerns Mount Over Satoshi Ohno’s Trauma, Inside Arashi Corporation’s Search for a Celebration Together with Fans Commemorative Event | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Concerns Mount Over Satoshi Ohno’s Trauma, Inside Arashi Corporation’s Search for a Celebration Together with Fans Commemorative Event

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Will we ever see the five of us together again?

“Can we see them with even more initiative, with even more proactive judgment, and with even more proactive actions?”

On April 10th, Arashi announced the establishment of a new company. The five members, including Satoshi Ohno (43), who is currently on hiatus from entertainment activities, Sho Sakurai (42), Masaki Aiba (41), Jun Matsumoto (40), and Kazunari Ninomiya (40), jointly reported the news, eliciting joyous reactions from fans.

“The company name is ‘Arashi Co., Ltd.’ The representative director is Takashi Shinomiya, a former television program director turned lawyer. He supported the five members when they were negotiating with the former Johnny & Associates’ management company, ‘STARTO ENTERTAINMENT.’ He may become a key figure for Arashi in the future.” (Entertainment journalist from a sports newspaper)

Arashi went on hiatus at the end of 2020. Although they haven’t been active as a group for about four years, the establishment of this new company signals a restart. There have been reports that the agency has secured the Tokyo Dome for November, raising hopes for potential live performances, but some entertainment industry insiders have their doubts.

“At this point, there are no plans for the group to work together. While Ohno agreed to the establishment of the company, he still maintains a passive stance toward resuming activities. There’s a rule in Arashi that we won’t do something if one member doesn’t want to, so without the leader’s consent, holding a concert would be difficult.”

During a press conference in 2019, Ohno revealed that he felt limitations as an ‘idol.’ The other four seem to be considering his feelings first.

“In the 2010s, Arashi held dome tours almost every year and even performed in Hawaii in 2014, making their schedule incredibly busy. This relentless pace led Ohno to contemplate retirement from the entertainment industry. The four members have decided not to push the leader beyond his limits again. Even if they were to resume group activities, it would likely be within Ohno’s manageable scope.” (Previously mentioned entertainment industry insider)

Considering Ohno’s trauma, it would be difficult for them to work as intensely as they did before their hiatus. At this stage, the possibility of Arashi holding large-scale concerts is low. However, on November 3rd, marking their 25th debut anniversary, there may be such expectations.

“On the anniversary day, there may be a possibility of streaming a message video from all five members, including Ohno, through the fan club. Arashi values ​​their fans, so even if they can’t have a large-scale concert, they are likely trying to create a space to celebrate with fans in some form.” (Television station insider)

During the announcement of the establishment of “Arashi Co., Ltd.” at the beginning, the five members repeatedly used the word proactive. The television station insider mentioned earlier feels that the members have strong intentions in this regard.

“There are still many voices hoping for Arashi’s comeback, and all five members may want to respond to such expectations. However, they prioritize ensuring that no one feels burdened, including Ohno. Their frequent use of the term proactive may be a manifestation of their determination to act in a way and at a time that all five members agree on.”

For Arashi, who has embarked on a new start, there are no nights without dawn.

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