Actor Naomasa Musaka Confesses “I Was Deceived Too. I Hope They Get Arrested Soon” – Suspected of 200 Million Yen Fraud Against Eldest Son | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Actor Naomasa Musaka Confesses “I Was Deceived Too. I Hope They Get Arrested Soon” – Suspected of 200 Million Yen Fraud Against Eldest Son

The eldest son of a businessman is suspected of a 200 million yen investment scam, and is himself a co-signer for the scam.

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With his distinctive acting, Ryohei is also called a strange actor. He seems to be furious at his eldest son, who is suspected of fraud.

“I got fooled by that guy too. This is ridiculous. It’s better to eat lousy food in prison for about 10 years!”

Expressing such indignation is the actor Musaka Naomasa (70). The person referred to as that guy by Musaka is his eldest son, Mr. Yuuki (alias, in his 30s).

What exactly is happening around Musaka, who has been active as a prominent supporting actor in numerous works such as the NHK Taiga Drama “Yae No Sakura” and “Trick” (TV Asahi)?

It all started with an investment dispute between Company A, headquartered in Kansai, and Mr. Yuuki. A person related to Company A explains:

“Around February last year, we met Mr. Yuuki through a mutual acquaintance. Mr. Yuuki is the president of a company that deals with advertising and entertainment business, and he approached us saying, ‘There is a large-scale music festival held in Korea every year, and it seems possible to acquire the rights to hold it in Japan, so I want you to invest ¥200 million for that purpose.'”

As a condition for the investment, Company A requested a joint guarantor. Mutsuhira, Yuuki’s father, was mentioned for this purpose.

“Because he is a prominent figure standing on the public stage, there was trust. So I replied, ‘If your father can guarantee, I will invest.'”

Upon hearing these words, Yuuki arranged an online meeting with several people including the representative of Company A. Musaka himself also participated in the meeting held in mid-April last year.

“We actually had Naomasa attend and greeted him along with the representative. At that time, we also asked Naomasa, ‘Are you okay with being a joint guarantor?’ for confirmation, and we have recorded it. After confirming the guarantor, we formally signed the contract and transferred ¥200 million to Yuuki’s company’s account.”

The contract obtained by FRIDAY shows Yuuki’s name and the representative of Company A, as well as Musaka’s name and electronic signature in the joint guarantor column.

“The day after the transfer, evidence of spending the money for acquiring the rights was sent, including remittance records and passbook statements showing that ¥200 million was transferred to the Korean cooperative company.”

The investment seemed to have settled smoothly, but two months after the contract, in June, the payment of dividends began to be delayed.

“When we contacted Mr. Yuuki, he replied, ‘The venue has changed, and I can’t gather sponsors.’ As the dividends were not paid for a long time, we began to investigate on our own.”

What emerged from this investigation was the suspicion of embezzlement of the investment funds by Mr. Yuuki.

“When we inquired with the related party to whom the money was allegedly given, the reply was, ‘There was no deposit of ¥200 million.”

So at the end of last year, when we asked him for an explanation again, he confessed, 

“Actually, the ¥200 million was used for another purpose. It turned out that all the remittance records and passbooks were forged. According to him, although he did hand over part of the entrusted ¥200 million in cash to the Korean related party, the remaining ¥180 million was used for debt repayment and lending to acquaintances, but the truth of this itself is unknown.”

I have severed ties with my son.

It is said that even after that, Mr. Yuuki repeatedly offered arguments that could be seen as defiance towards Company A, which was seeking repayment.

“We proposed repayment from Naomasa, the joint guarantor, when things didn’t work out, but he just made excuses, saying, ‘My father was fooled just like me, so he won’t help.’ In the end, we only received 1 million yen from him, and now we can’t even reach him for proper communication, as he insists on going through lawyers. We have sent him registered letters, hoping that he, as the joint guarantor, would take responsibility, but Naomasa insists that I was also fooled by my son and know nothing.”

What does Musaka have to say about this series of allegations? When the office was contacted, he admitted to the trouble and answered the interview himself.

“I’ve never seen the contract and don’t remember signing it. That guy must have forged the guarantor’s signature without my knowledge. Even in meetings, I was just told by Yuuki, ‘I want you to talk to the other party.’ I only found out about being a guarantor at the end of last year. I’ve cut ties with that guy. I’ll sue him for forgery of public documents. I hope he gets caught soon!”

FRIDAY also attempted to contact Mr. Yuuki’s company for an interview but received no response.

On the other hand, Company A is steadily preparing for criminal prosecution for fraud.

“We believed that Mutsuhira would be our guarantor and entrusted him with the money. However, it turned out that from the beginning, they intended to deceive us, showing forged remittance records immediately after the deposit. It’s clearly fraudulent behavior. Since we confirmed the guarantor’s intention with Mutsuhira himself during the meeting, we can’t shake off the suspicion that both of them deceived us. We plan to file a criminal complaint jointly against the father and son.”

The face of the renowned supporting actor has been tarnished with mud.

Mr. Yuuki’s LINE profile picture. Repayment of the approximately 200 million yen embezzled investment funds by him has not yet progressed.
The scene of the online meeting where Mr. Musaka himself was also present. The discussion was conducted in a cordial atmosphere from start to finish.
The signatures of Musaka and his son on the contract. The contract also states that Musaka will become a joint guarantor.

From the April 26, 2024 issue of FRIDAY

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