From YouTuber to Philanthropist: Gutsch Launches NPO with Shocking Debut Activity in Ikebukuro | FRIDAY DIGITAL

From YouTuber to Philanthropist: Gutsch Launches NPO with Shocking Debut Activity in Ikebukuro

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We interviewed Mr. Nakajima, who is distributing flyers!

Private arrest YouTubers, who gained temporary attention by filming themselves apprehending gropers and peeping toms and turning them over to the police, were once in the spotlight due to the large number of views on their videos and the significant reactions on social media. However, the genre lost momentum after Nakajima, the central figure often associated with it, was arrested in November 2023 on suspicion of violating the Stimulants Control Law (incitement). Public interest gradually shifted elsewhere.


After being released on bail, Nakajima attempted to resume his activities, but his YouTube channel was banned. Currently, he continues his activities by streaming on Nico Nico Douga. However, his viewership on Nico Nico Douga has been stagnant, making it difficult for him to raise funds for his anti-groping activities.


In this situation, Nakajima has now established a non-profit organization called “Enjin” with Funaimu, who also works to combat crime. They have begun distributing flyers and keychains in Ikebukuro. They distribute flyers and keychains on Saturdays and Sundays from noon to evening, distributing hundreds of flyers and dozens of keychains in five hours.


On the first day of their activities, many fans gathered to distribute flyers together, but afterward, they quietly distributed flyers alone.


It’s puzzling why someone who previously prioritized standing out and caused a stir with radical statements and videos would start such a mundane activity. When asked directly, Nakajima gave a surprising answer.


“I’ve been criticized for just wanting to stand out, but my goal has always been to eradicate groping. I’ve taken attention-seeking actions to make people aware of my activities, but I think it’s time to shift from that phase to concrete actions, which is why I started distributing flyers and organizing signature campaigns.”


The flyers and keychains were made by fans who have been supporting Nakajima’s activities from the beginning. They contain explanations of the activities and QR codes for signing petitions.


The signatures will be attached when sending letters of inquiry to JR East (East Japan Railway Company). The contents of the letters of inquiry include asking:

  1. What are your thoughts on the occurrence of crimes such as molestation within your company’s facilities?
  2. Do you have any plans to strengthen specific measures in the future?
  3. If you have statistics on the number of incidents of molestation that your company or the police have responded to, either through victims’ reports or eyewitness testimonies, could you please disclose them?
  4. How should passengers respond if they encounter resistance or attempts to flee from suspects while dealing with molestation troubles?
  5. If you have a manual for handling situations where molestation occurs, could you please disclose it?
  6. Is it possible to standardize the response to molestation troubles at each station?
  7. Is it possible to establish male-only cars on all routes?
  8. Is it possible to increase the number of female-only cars?
  9. Is it possible to restrict males from forcibly entering female-only cars based on facility management rights?
  10. If you’re open to it, we would like to offer our cooperation to JR East Japan’s efforts to combat molestation. Would that be possible? 

As of April 16th, 285 signatures have been collected. Considering the former channel’s subscription numbers and social media response, it seems that things are not going well. Apparently, the negative image from past activities still lingers.

Mr. Nakajima, who stirred up controversy as a private arrest YouTuber, has continually claimed to be serious about eradicating molestation. It remains to be seen whether his statements are genuine or merely excuses to seek attention in response to anti-comments.

Only time will tell through Mr. Nakajima’s future actions. Let’s hope that his past endeavors were genuinely for the betterment of society.

Mr. Nakajima (right) and Mr. Hunaim (left) handing out flyers

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