Miura Kazuyoshi’s Defamation Lawsuit: Unpacking the Hesomaryu Incident and the 50,000 Yen Settlement | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Miura Kazuyoshi’s Defamation Lawsuit: Unpacking the Hesomaryu Incident and the 50,000 Yen Settlement

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Former annoying YouTuber Hezuma Ryu reports that he visited the person he slandered and settled the case for 500,000 yen… (from Official X)

On April 8, former annoying YouTuber Hezuma Ryu announced on his X

“I visited the home of a 48-year-old unemployed man in Kanagawa Prefecture who had requested disclosure, accompanied by a lawyer for a home visit. We were told to call the police, but since we didn’t enter the premises, it didn’t constitute trespassing.

We settled for 500,000 yen, so I’ve decided not to disclose his name or address. Since he had no savings, we extracted money from his parents.”

And reported. Then, on the Internet, there were comments such as

“Isn’t that a threat?”

There are voices of criticism saying, “Isn’t that extortion?” However, on the other hand,

“Some feel intelligence in going with a lawyer.”

It’s a mixed opinion.

However, since they are accompanied by a legal professional, it seems that expenses are incurred,

“Because the disclosure request costs 300,000 yen per person, even with 500,000 yen, it only yields a profit of 200,000 yen. Moreover, it has become difficult to make disclosure requests since Elon Musk took over. (It takes about half a year to a year.) Most of those making disclosure requests are unemployed in their 40s to 50s. So, it’s at a level where it’s good if you can recover while making it a topic.” 

They’re also frankly discussing financial situations.

“There is a lot of backlash and criticism, but above all, this action may serve as a deterrent against defamation and slander. Many prominent figures are troubled by unjust voices on the internet, and some are mentally cornered, unable to continue their activities.”

Regarding taking legal action as a retaliation against being exposed, the actions of Mr. Hezuma reminded us of Mr. Kazuyoshi Miura, known for the “Los Suspicion” case.

“Mr. Miura continuously filed defamation lawsuits for libel against negative media coverage without employing a lawyer. He claimed to have filed 476 cases of defamation against the media, winning 80%. He said he received over 100 million yen through judgments and settlements.”

“He even won 1 million yen in a defamation lawsuit against Weekly Bunshun, which sparked the ‘Los Suspicion’ reports. With his consecutive victories, Mr. Miura even published a book titled ‘No Need for a Lawyer: A Manual for Winning Personal Lawsuits.'”

“The fact that media outlets now blur handcuffs and ropes on suspects in footage and photos taken at the time of arrest is also due to the Miura trial. It’s undeniable that the trials he initiated raised awareness of human rights among the media.


Mr. Miura, who filed civil lawsuits, and Mr. Hezuma, who raids homes accompanied by a lawyer, have different methods. However, perhaps his actions, like Mr. Miura’s trial, might have the potential to bring about changes in online defamation and slander.”

The internet has now become a lawless territory. What impact will Mr. Hezuma’s actions ultimately have?

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