Ryoko Hirosue will soon appear at her first event since becoming independent. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ryoko Hirosue will soon appear at her first event since becoming independent.

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Last fall, five months after his suspension, Hirosue was dining alone at an ethnic restaurant after a business-related meeting. She had already begun working toward resuming her activities (from the December 8-15, 2023 issue).

Actress Ryoko Hirosue (43), who has been in the spotlight for her full-fledged comeback, is set to make her first public appearance since the double adultery scandal. It has been about 10 months since she was suspended indefinitely and about 2 months since she became independent from her agency. It seems that they are finally moving toward a restart.

Ryoko Hirosue is scheduled to appear at a large-scale fashion exhibition in Tokyo from the 17th. She will attend as a “special guest” at an event to promote a new project by a startup company that focuses on businesses such as waste renewable energy conversion, established just last July. She will engage in a 20-minute talk show with the company’s CEO.

“Press releases announcing Hirosue’s appearance at this event have already been sent out to multiple media outlets through PR companies. The event will run for three days, with several other famous celebrities besides Hirosue scheduled to attend as guests.

However, despite the media invitation, the press releases state that only ’10 media outlets’ will be allowed to conduct on-site coverage. Unless there are last-minute changes, it seems that the organizers will select 10 media outlets from those that applied for coverage and inform them individually just before the event—an extremely unusual approach. This means that even if media outlets want to cover the event, they won’t be able to if they are not among the chosen 10.”

In addition to media releases, information about Hirosue’s participation in the event has already been made public on the startup company’s social media and other platforms, allowing the general public to know about her appearance.

“While it’s not certain, limiting coverage to ’10 media outlets’ may be an attempt to prevent confusion at the venue or to minimize direct inquiries from a large number of reporters when Hirosue arrives, considering her popularity. The press release does not mention any ‘press conference’ with Hirosue, so it’s expected that she will only engage in a talk with the company’s CEO and will not interact with the media. Therefore, it remains unclear whether she will address issues such as the affair scandal, but it seems this appearance will mark a milestone in her public reemergence after her period of suspension.”

In December 2003, Hirosue announced her marriage to a male model. They had their first son in April 2004 but divorced in March 2008. In October 2010, she married artist Candle Jun, and in March 2011, they had their second son, followed by a daughter in July 2015. However, in June last year, her double affair with popular chef Shusaku Toba (45) was reported by “Shukan Bunshun,” leading to an indefinite suspension from her agency at the time.

In July of the same year, she divorced Jun. On February 16th of this year, she announced her departure from her agency and the establishment of her personal agency, “R.H.” On the same day, she also launched her official website and Instagram account.

“During these past 10 months, there have been many changes, and I have issued statements during my suspension and departure from the agency, but I haven’t shown myself to the media or shared my thoughts in person. However, now that I’ve left my agency, my future work will be decided by my own judgment.

Since becoming independent, she has regularly posted the latest shots on Instagram, showing a strong desire to return. Moreover, she has showcased various recent photos, including sexy shots revealing her décolleté in a camisole and pure and innocent photos with a blue sky background, demonstrating her unparalleled beauty, aura, and transparency that defy her age.”

It is believed that the timing of her return to acting is also imminent. However, due to considerations for sponsors, it may not be easy for her to appear in terrestrial dramas, which are strict about affairs, right away. Nevertheless, she is reportedly receiving numerous offers.

“On Hirosue’s official website, there is a contact form for ‘appearance requests,’ and she is receiving multiple offers for roles in movies and online streaming works directly through that or through close acquaintances in the entertainment industry. Her comeback is highly anticipated and her popularity is undeniable, with some roles even involving daring performances. Hirosue seems to be carefully considering the timing for her comeback work.

In the entertainment industry, it is widely believed that this June, marking one year since her suspension, will be the ‘unveiling’ of her return to acting. With her upcoming event appearance serving as a ‘trial balloon,’ it seems that significant moves are on the horizon.”

In her personal life, some sports newspapers reported in February this year that she and Toba may marry as early as this summer. Hirosue has custody of their three children and is also a mother. While it may not be “Maji de Koi Suru 5-byou Mae,” her debut song, the anticipation for her comeback, both professionally and personally, is high, drawing attention after a long absence.

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In May 2022, on the set of the film “The Hound of the Baskervilles”. She also won the “Best Mother Award” that year.
On location for the movie “The Demon Over There” in 2022. She plays a mature couple with Etsushi Toyokawa (62).
In ’18, drinking with mothers’ friends at a common Chinese restaurant.
In 2016, chatting with a staff member in front of a restaurant while waiting for a seat to become available. 36 years old and with such beautiful legs!
Shopping at Kakuyasu in 2016.
A shot of her beautiful legs at the Blue Ribbon Awards ceremony in 2013.
On location for the movie “The Method of the Key Thief” in 2011
In 2009, she was romantically involved with Dai Nagai. Her office commented that she was “one of my friends.
In ’04, she was seen going to the hospital 10 days before the birth of her first son.
In 2002, she was seen on a date with Mr. Okazawa at a park near Tokyo Tower. She and Okazawa got married in 2003 and divorced in 2008.
Dating with Yusuke Iseya in Yokohama in 1999.
Graduation ceremony at a junior high school in her hometown, Kochi, in 1996. The year before this, she made her debut in a commercial for “Crearasil.
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