Unprecedented Display of Lewd Acts, Including Cycling Naked from the Waist Down with a Park’s Faucet Inserted into the Anus | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Unprecedented Display of Lewd Acts, Including Cycling Naked from the Waist Down with a Park’s Faucet Inserted into the Anus

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The waterworks that became the scene of the crime

A residential park in a quiet neighborhood has become the scene of an unprecedented sexual crime.

On April 4th, in Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward, at the “Metropolitan Ashikaga Park” where the former residence of the literary figure Tokutomi Roka from the Meiji and Taisho eras is located, a self-employed man (56) residing in Suginami Ward was re-arrested by the Setagaya Police Station on suspicion of property damage for rendering the faucet of the park’s water fountain unusable.

“The suspect arrived at the nearby park on his bicycle around 2:20 a.m. on April 1st. After taking out binoculars he had brought with him, he looked around nervously to confirm that no one was around, then apparently undressed on the spot.” (National newspaper social affairs reporter)

Subsequently, the man straddled the faucet of the water fountain while still naked, bent over, pressed his anus against the faucet, and inserted it. With practiced movements, he turned the faucet handle and released tap water into his rectum. He recorded the entire process on his smartphone and then headed home.

“Around 3 a.m., the man was cycling home with his lower body exposed. A police officer on patrol stopped him and conducted an interrogation. Upon checking the images stored on the man’s phone, the officer found several still images and videos showing the man pressing his anus against the faucet or inserting the faucet into his anus, releasing tap water into his rectum while nude.” (Same source as above)

The man was then taken to the Setagaya Police Station and arrested on the same day for suspicion of indecent exposure.

“The man’s intention in recording his exposure was not to post it on social media or distribute it but rather to enjoy it later by himself. He gained physical pleasure by first inserting the faucet into his anus and forcefully releasing water. After returning home, he repeatedly watched the images of his nude play, reminiscing and satisfying his mental desires further.” (Investigation source)

Upon receiving notification from the police, the East Park Greenery Office prohibited the use of the water fountain on the day of the incident and replaced the faucet with a new one on the 5th.

We do not want the park, which is often visited by families, to be used to satisfy sexual desires.

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