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Exploring the Shabby House Report on Inaba Foods and the Enigmatic Empress in a Suspicious Document-Like Press Release

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Upon opening their company’s website, visitors are greeted with an explanation titled “Regarding the Media Coverage” on the homepage. (From the official website of Inaba Foods)

Inaba Foods, which had been partly reported to have a black company culture due to factors such as new employees being housed in dilapidated accommodations with leaking roofs and falsehoods in the salary conditions advertised, issued a formal apology on its official website on April 12th.


Among them, it abruptly starts with the two characters “In fact,”

“On October 26th, he was urgently hospitalized due to acute exacerbation of interstitial pneumonia, and died on January 10th, in February”


It is broken into lines,

“The vice president, who became the subject of a company funeral on the 1st, was the general affairs officer who had been responsible for all matters related to this case until now.”

Line break. Following that,

“The director was hardly able to provide detailed instructions during this hospitalization period due to respiratory difficulties caused by oxygen inhalation,”

Line breaks are used in a way that’s unnatural and very difficult to read, exceeding the imagination of ordinary people. Furthermore, the statement, which disclosed the condition of the deceased vice president’s illness, is written with the vague expression “respiratory difficulties caused by oxygen inhalation.”

“It’s likely that the statement was simply pasted as it was written by President Yuko Inaba, who is known as the ‘Empress,’ and is said to have the power to end anyone who opposes her. Normally, the public relations department would revise such statements, but the fact that they couldn’t suggests how powerful the Empress is.

However, after it became a topic of discussion on X and other platforms, the statement was revised to be more readable. However, the content itself hasn’t changed much; it still largely blames the deceased vice president for the failure of the ‘Boro-ya Share House’.” (National newspaper reporter)

When the initial apology statement was released, it sparked discussions on social media.

“There’s a sense of unease as voices continue to express how eerie it is that the news release from Inaba Foods doesn’t even seem to make sense in Japanese.”

“I couldn’t understand Japanese at all. It’s kind of scary, so I’m going to stop buying it.”

These comments reflect the eerie atmosphere surrounding the situation.

However, after the correction,

“The expressions like erratic line breaks and phrases such as ‘extremely dangerous’ related to oxygen inhalation have been corrected, and it’s now in proper Japanese. Thinking about the feelings of the staff who, while carefully considering the chairman’s original text, worked late into Friday night to proofread it, it’s quite moving.”

There’s also sympathy rising within the company for the chaos that ensued internally.

Inaba Foods, known for hits like canned tuna and the cat food Chao Churu, is facing this issue. Hopefully, this incident will prompt improvements in the drawbacks of family-run businesses.

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