“Doctor X ” success and his car date… Yuki Uchida’s “overflowing aura” photos | FRIDAY DIGITAL

“Doctor X ” success and his car date… Yuki Uchida’s “overflowing aura” photos

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Uchida and Kashiwabara at a futsal venue in Tokyo in July 2003.
Uchida and Kashiwabara at a futsal venue in Tokyo in July 2003.

The TV drama “Doctor X: Michiko Daimon, Surgeon” (TV Asahi) is doing well, with the viewer rating for the 8th episode broadcast on December 2 at 15.5%, up 0.6% from the previous episode. The popularity of the show is supported by Yuki Uchida (46), who plays an anesthesiologist and a close friend of the lead actress, Ryoko Yonekura.

Uchida’s brilliance increases every year. In FRIDAY, she showed us a variety of aura-filled expressions.

It was a night in July 2003 when I saw them together. The first time I saw them together was on a night in July 2003, at a futsal tournament in Sangenjaya, Tokyo, where Uchida cheered for Kashiwabara, who was wearing his number 10 uniform. After the game, they left the venue in Kashiwabara’s car.

Dancing until 3:30 a.m.

At the launch of a drama in June 2007.

Uchida is also full of charm at parties with staff. (Nippon Television Network Corporation) in June 2007. (Nippon Television Network Corporation) in June 2007, where she was in high spirits! She appeared at the first party at an Italian restaurant in Aoyama, Tokyo, wearing a black tube top and had fun until 3:30 a.m. at the second party at a restaurant bar.

Late Dinner at a Soba Restaurant

Uchida and Kashiwabara enjoyed dinner at a soba restaurant. As they were leaving, Kashiwabara quickly lifted the curtain of the restaurant and escorted Uchida out. Gentlemanly. taken in March 2008.

We stopped at a soba (buckwheat noodle) restaurant on the way to the city center, probably for a late dinner after 9 p.m. in March 2008. The driver twisted his body as hard as he could and started chatting with the women in the back seat. It was Kashiwara and Uchida.

After an hour or so of dinner, they went to a nearby Starbucks to get a drink. They went back to their love nest.

Uchida’s good relationship with his partner has led to a successful career. Her momentum is not likely to stop in the future.

At the greeting ceremony for the movie “Zen” (photo taken in January 2009)
She was once in a relationship with Chihara Junior of the Chihara Brothers.
At the funeral of Akio Ogasawara, president of Ateam, taken in May 2006.
Uchida and Kashiwabara return home with their hands full of shopping bags, probably to prepare for the request by Covid-19 to refrain from going out.
Whenever they go out, they usually wear denim and a hoodie. This casual fashion is indicative of the relationship between Uchida and Kashiwabara.
Kashiwabara quickly lifts up the store curtain to escort Uchida out. Gentle.
On the set of the drama “Doctor X.” Photo taken in October 2007.
  • Photography Takahiro Kagawa, Aika Kano, Kazuhiko Nakamura, Shinji Hasuo, Ippei Hara, Saki Hotta

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