Naniwa Danshi’s Official Instagram Leaks Secret Meeting with Sexy Actress, Raising Concerns Over New Company’s Management | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Naniwa Danshi’s Official Instagram Leaks Secret Meeting with Sexy Actress, Raising Concerns Over New Company’s Management

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Nagao filming for a drama at a fast food restaurant before its opening.

The newly established talent management company, STARTO ENTERTAINMENT, responsible for managing talents from the former Johnny’s office (now SMILE-UP.), finally began full-fledged operations in April.

However, just before its launch, the official social media accounts of the affiliated groups caused a stir among fans by making a series of accidental posts and follows. “The staff’s negligence is showing,” some fans commented critically.


The first incident that surprised fans occurred on the night of March 26 when the official Instagram account of “Naniwa Danshi” posted a picture of a snack called “Nagoya Ogura Toast Langue de Chat” from Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya, on their stories.

The image was accompanied by comments such as “Yuchan brought me a souvenir!” “Thank you!!” “Sorry for posting after coming home! lol” The photo didn’t show any of the Naniwa Danshi members.

“Apparently, that particular story was quickly deleted, leaving fans even more perplexed. Fans wondered if one of the members mistakenly posted a photo intended for their private account, or if it was a staff error… the social media sphere was buzzing with confusion,” says an entertainment writer.

Naturally, fans focused their questions on the name “Yuchan.” Among the names that circulated, the one that stood out was that of former adult actress Yua Mikami.

This is because, last September 7, “Shukan Bunshun” magazine scooped that Mikami and Na-niwa Danshi’s Kentaro Nagao were in a close relationship. The magazine caught Nagao entering and leaving Mikami’s apartment, reporting it as a sleepover romance.

“Some fans questioned whether the ‘Yuchan’ mentioned in Naniwa Danshi’s story was a nickname derived from ‘Yua.’ Some even speculated that the disappeared story might have been intended to be posted by Nagao on his secret account. Due to unfounded suspicions directed at the members, the agency and Naniwa Danshi’s side probably felt the need to contain the situation,” concludes the writer.

Following this, the official Instagram account of Naniwa Danshi updated its stories once again. They explained, “Around 20:00 earlier, an erroneous story post by a staff member unrelated to Naniwa Danshi’s Instagram was shared.” They further clarified, “The Naniwa Danshi Instagram is managed and operated by the members, while the staff handles the posting process. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to everyone.” 

“By addressing the issue instead of ignoring it, the official side seemed to have quelled the fans’ agitation for the time being. However, another unusual incident occurred on a different group’s social media. On March 27, the official X (formerly Twitter) account of Travis Japan reposted a post from an X user claiming to be a fan of the group. However, this post wasn’t negative; it mentioned Travis Japan ranking second on the music chart Billboard JAPAN. This too appeared to be a staff error, as the repost was later deleted,” the writer mentions.

Furthermore, on April 1, an X user with over 200,000 followers reported with a screenshot that they were followed by the official X account of Hey! Say! JUMP. Although this account mainly focuses on idol-related content, it seems to have been a simple mistake. On the same day, the official X account of Hey! Say! JUMP appears to have unfollowed the said account.

In response to these successive troubles on social media, fans expressed their dismay,

“Having staff around Naniwa Danshi’s Instagram who can’t even manage it properly is really dangerous.”

“Naniwa Danshi’s official Instagram staff making mistakes, and even JUMP’s official X account mistakenly following others. The recent staff behavior is too risky.”

“SNS is scary because someone can see your post right away. I hope the management of official accounts is tightened up.”

In a story post of apology, the official Instagram account of Naniwa Danshi reassured fans, saying, “We will take measures to prevent the same thing from happening in the future, so we appreciate your continued support for Na-niwa Danshi and Naniwa Gram.” To avoid further loss of trust, the staff should carefully manage the talents’ social media accounts.

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