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How to get revenge on a liar host” according to the best lawyer in Kamata, the entertainment district

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I was 100% sure that we were going to get married.

Yumi Yamanaka (pseudonym, 22 years old) was dating a guy who worked at a host club. Her busy boyfriend would take time out of his free time to invite her to the park and drink strong drinks with her. This was their date. She could really feel that he wanted to avoid making Ms. Yamanaka spend as much money as possible.

This made her happy, so she decided to spend some money on her boyfriend’s birthday at the host club where he worked. It was a surprise gift.

However, Ms. Yamanaka, a junior college graduate who works as a clerk in an apparel store, could not come up with that kind of money from her monthly salary. She calculated that she would probably need between 100,000 yen and 500,000 yen to please her boyfriend, who works hard at the host club, and even though she felt a little sad that it would be a once-a-year surprise, she decided to go for it.

It’s a once-a-year surprise. But I can’t do sex work.

She jokingly asked her host boyfriend. As I sipped the strong drink Yumi had bought me on our date in Shinjuku Gyoen, I wondered if he would introduce me to a cabaret club, but I was afraid to ask. I asked her, determined to leave her if I felt I was being sold.

She immediately introduced me to a “good part-time job” called “chat train”. This job, also known as “chat lady” or “chat job,” involves exchanging voice messages and getting paid for it. By exchanging messages in a pseudo-romantic way with men who pay them, such as cherry pickers in the dating industry, they are paid a large sum of money. Some of them are involved in Oreole scams or illegal dating businesses.

Mr. Yamanaka was very happy when he heard about the job. She was very happy when she heard about the job because she didn’t have to deal with men in real life, and if she worked hard after work or on weekends, she could earn about 200,000 yen a month. Her boyfriend’s comment, “I get jealous when I think about Yumi meeting men,” was a deciding factor.

As it turned out, Ms. Yamanaka made a “surprise” appearance on the host’s birthday and spent 500,000 yen in one night. That night, the host’s boyfriend sent her a message on line saying, “Let’s get married,” and Ms. Yamanaka was delighted.

It wasn’t until a year later that Ms. Yamanaka realized that she had been deceived. She quit her job in the apparel industry and devoted herself almost daily to her side job of “chat training. The park dates had disappeared, and the weekly host club was now the only place to go on dates.

To be honest, it was the first fulfilling day since I moved to Tokyo. I worked hard for my favorite boyfriend, and he praised me at the host club. I knew that I was going to marry him someday.

One day, I sent a picture of my boyfriend to a friend in my hometown. My friend advised me that I was being cheated by the host, but when she heard that I had promised to marry him, she said it might be okay. When I sent the photo to my friend, she said, “Isn’t this guy 00’s brother? I’m sure he’s married.

Coincidentally, the host was the brother of one of my classmates.

When I told him about my friend’s testimony that he was at the wedding, he replied briefly, “I’m sorry…”. After going through all sorts of hardships, Yamanaka’s love ended.

Yamanaka’s body is now filled with anger. She thought, “I will never forgive him,” and “I want revenge,” and consulted with her friends and a lawyer she knew, but she received little response.

I had no doubt that I deserved it, but I wondered if I could get my girlfriend, whom I had believed in until our marriage, to return the money I had paid her.

When I asked a lawyer at a major law firm with an office in the heart of the city about the reasons why his clients were not taken seriously, he replied

When I asked a lawyer at a major law firm with an office in the heart of the city about the reasons why his clients were not being taken seriously, he replied, “To be honest, no lawyer is willing to take on the trouble of dealing with a host whose status is unstable and who may be involved with any number of social forces. Moreover, host salaries are difficult to seize because they are paid in cash or on a daily basis, and unless you are a good host, there is no property that can be used for money.

Is Mr. Yamanaka already at an impasse?

This is where the “best lawyer in Kamata” comes in. He is Takashi Nozawa of Jonan Chuo Law Office. Based near Keikyu Kamata Station, he’s been solving complex legal problems related to the entertainment district in Kamata for over 10 years.

He has been resolving complex legal issues related to the entertainment district for more than 10 years in Kamata. “It’s true that in cases like this, it’s highly unlikely that the lawyer’s fee will be worth it if he’s paid on a piece-rate basis, so the lawyer won’t work properly unless he’s effectively paid by the hour for his work.

A rough calculation shows that the lawyer may charge you about one to two million yen, but the money you can get from the host by pointing out the fact that it is a marriage fraud is probably about 500,000 to one million yen at most. This is not recommended unless the client wants to take revenge without regard to money. No matter which lawyer you ask, there is a high possibility that they will cheat you to make you quit the case.

However,” Nozawa continues, “as far as I know, there is no such thing as a host.

But,” Nozawa continued, “as far as I know, there have been cases where hosts have been made to pay ‘social charges. As an example, I took a picture of my boyfriend’s driver’s license while he was taking a bath. Some employees of host clubs in the city center may not have a driver’s license, but in that case, it’s a ‘health insurance card. As expected, there are not many people who don’t have a health insurance card. You are probably afraid of corona, which has recently spread to Kabukicho, and you are also afraid of STDs if you are having relations with an unspecified number of women.

The aim of this act is the address of my parents’ house. There are not a few cases where the parents’ parents are not amused about the host’s profession. You can go to the host’s parents’ house and discuss the details of what happened with your parents. In some cases, they were so accommodating that they couldn’t ignore the shame at home.”

Actually, there are more ways to fight back,” Nozawa said. There are still ways to get back at them, but we’ll have to wait for another opportunity to talk about it. In any case, we can only hope that the life of one woman whose marriage was trampled upon will not be ruined any further.

  • Interview and text by Kenichi Ogura

    Director, Ithmose Research Institute

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